Custom Pins in the USA

Pins Fast is the only company to truly make custom pins in the USA. Other companies claim to, sure... but where is their factory? They are just re-shipping imported pins, which takes longer and it costs extra. The reason why they do not make custom pins in the USA is because of the obvious reason that there is not much profit in making them. We are unique because of our namesake and we see a higher demand for rush lapel pins. Because many of our customers need rush production, our custom lapel pins are made in the USA.

We can only make pins in the USA because we found a way to automate the process, thereby making domestic production affordable. It took many years to reach the point where we can safely say that the quality of our US made rush lapel pins are better than printed pins coming from overseas. The quality is higher and the production is faster because of thoughtful investment in the proper equipment and the innovation of new production methods.

lapel pins fast
custom pins fast as 1 day
Rush lapel pins made in the USA for the movie "Rocksteady Row".

Custom Pins in the USA Seems Crazy

For me, it's fun to make custom pins in the USA. It's just enough to turn a profit and keep our little factory going which is located in a maker's mill in Greenville, South Carolina. I get to meet other makers there, like Joe - a guy that likes to fly his miniature drone around my head, or Matt who builds his own laser cutter out of 3-D printed materials. People say we are introverted entrepreneurs and lack certain social skills. We probably wouldn't make great politicians but despite the lack of personality disorders we enjoy helping kids get baseball trading pins on time. It seems crazy at first but when you see how happy our customers are then it all makes sense.

Custom Pins are a Part of our American Culture

Custom Pins are a part of our American culture going all the way back to early colonial life. I am proud to make your pins, like my ancestors at Jamestown did. In early colonial days, making pins and trinkets to trade with the natives was a method of survival. There are no cities of gold for us but we find wealth in the richness and diversity of the American people. Your creativity and freedom of expression is something worth celebrating. Your custom designs and your message on a pin is something unique and fascinating. Please tell us your pin design ideas today by filling out our Free Design & Quote form.

Custom Pins Made in the USA with a Secret Method

Our competitors want to know how we can possibly make pins in 24 hours or less. One competitor actually has a website called 24 hour pins, but states clearly on the front page that they cannot make 24 hour pins yet. They have yet to steal our secret recipe. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, wouldn't you say? 

If our competitors could make Pins in a single day, they could be making pins for companies like Google and Disney (like we do). Sure, those large corporations have their own factories overseas but when there is a time crunch they come to us. Pins Fast makes the fastest custom pins in the world, replete with quality and a glossy finish. Exactly how we make our pins is a trade secret and nobody else can make them like we do.

Pins Fast custom rush lapel pins are good enough for red carpet events like the Grammys and The Presidential State of the Union Address. Google calls us it's "Miracle workers" because of our ability to pull custom pins out of thin air like a magician. Disney is also a repeat customer of Pins Fast. We've served the most prestigious organizations in the USA with our custom made pins, let us design a pin for you! 

Rush Lapel Pins

Higher Quality Lapel Pins and Rush Pins

Pins Fast can make your custom printed pins in 1 day. These pins are printed, so they do not feature "raised metal edges" they way our soft enamel pins do. The raised metal edges of soft enamel pins require about 7 to 10 days. Don't think we are just a one-trick pony here, we can make any kind of pins (fast or slow) and our designers are very responsive. We are among the most experienced in the industry and we've been designing pins for over ten years.

When it comes to service and quality, nobody beats Pins Fast. We are the "miracle workers" who are crazy about customer service. We take great pride in the value of our pins which we produce in the USA. Working hands-on with your custom pins gives us greater quality control. We invested in the equipment to make your Pins Fast because that is our namesake. We just love to make our customers happy, knowing you can get what you need. Maybe that's not so crazy after all!

Cloisonne lapel pins
Enamel pins, we make those too!