Get Pins Fast and Made in the USA

All of Pins Fast’s Custom Lapel Pins are Made in the USA. We have the production capacity to make your pins faster, safer and higher quality than found overseas.

We will not incur the liability of lead products for the Chinese factories. For this reason we are pioneering new ways to produce costume jewelry or imitation jewelry here in the USA. We hope to also meet tighter deadlines and offer a safer product all around by making our pins in the USA.
To date, almost all of our competitors custom die struck pins are produced in China. They are filled with a malleable heavy metal mixture of lead, zinc, iron and cadmium. This violates existing state and federal law, yet often goes unchecked. We will make ours in the USA in accordance with state and federal law.

Pins Fast will Abide By State and Federal Laws

We will abide by state and federal law in the production of your custom pins by making them here in the USA. We hope that you can let us know if you are dissatisfied so that we can replace any defective pins at no cost to you. We want you to be happy and feel safe with our products.

The New Definition of Lapel Pin Styles

Die struck pins produced overseas include Soft Enamel, Hard Enamel, Cloisonne and Die Struck. We can only imitate these styles in the USA with advanced technology. Since February of 2018 we will no longer offer genuine “Soft Enamel trading pins”, “Hard Enamel”, “Cloisonne” and “Die Struck” but we will offer imitations of these styles in our product line. When we use the terms “Soft Enamel” or “Die Struck” we refer to the style of those traditional methods but we produce them in a different way that is legal and safe for our customers.
We know that our styles of die struck / soft enamel pins are more lightweight because they cannot be filled with lead. Many of our competitors trading pins given to children are especially laden with lead and we want everyone to be aware that this is in violation of California State Law. Other Federal and State Laws are applicable. If you are unsure about the legality of ordering trading pins, please consult with an attorney. This blog post is in no way any substitute for legal advice.

High Levels of Lead In Chinese Trading Pins

We want to increase awareness about the high levels of lead found in Chinese made trading pins. We will not offer this product to children or parents and coaches who insist upon giving them to children in violation of US Federal Law and State Laws. We encourage you to wear gloves while pin trading. Try to notice the metallic dust which forms on them. This is often lead or even worse – cadmium, a heavy metal which is a grave cause of concern. Pins Fast is dedicated to the safety of the pin trading industry and we emplore our industry partners to take immediate action in order to protect children and pregnant women from heavy metal contamination.

Pins Trading Should Be Legal and Fun!

Please remember that trading pins is about having fun, sharing artwork and ideas and collecting memories. It should never be a contest of “my pin is more leaden than yours”. Trading pins helps us to appreciate the diversity of people and where they come from. A pin is like a picture, it can say so many things without a single word. We encourage your art and ideas, that’s why we offer a free design and quote!

A Greater Purpose for Pin Trading

Pins Fast encourages peace through ball-sports and Pan American trade. As more poisoned Chinese products flood our markets, we face the plight of our Native American ancestors who endured countless trade wars. To stem the tide of this modern trade war with China, we believe that more trade between our North and South American nations should be encouraged. One great way to build those bridges of trade is with trading pins for ball-sports such as football (soccer), hockey and baseball and basketball. Lacrosse is also very important because it was the original ball-sport of North America.
Ball-sports were invented by the ancient Maya people as an alternative to warfare and subsequent collateral damage to crops, women and children. We honor their achievements and seek to learn from their mistakes such as deforestation and environmental damage which led to the collapse of their mysterious civilization. I hope that one day we will see the bigger picture, that we are all products of our environment. That is why we must eliminate contamination, even from seemingly small and insignificant lapel pins and trading pins. Sometimes it’s the smaller things that have the biggest impact. We hope that even pregnant mothers and those who are nursing can feel safe around our products. We also hope that children can use our products and parents can allow this without fear of potential harm to their children.
Pins Fast is wholly dedicated to these noble goals: to reduce contamination, bring peace though balls-ports and to empower Americans with manufacturing might. We appreciate your cooperation and enthusiasm for unification of the Americas so that we may at least have peace on half of this earth. We are a diverse people with much to share and trade.
Have Fun!