Quality Flag Pins Custom Made

Flag pins can be created in a variety of ways. Soft enamel is a typical method for producing flag pins, as well as cloisonne. One thing is for certain, if you need pins fast and you need them produced to the highest quality standards, you should contact Pins Fast.

Flag Pins Quality Made Fast

We keep a tight ship. We organize and prepare for the production of your flag pins. We make sure each order is set to be produced days before it’s due date. We always leave extra time for customs clearance if necessary.

We maintain a talented workforce and maintain it’s efficiency, year round. Your pins are created by dedicated professionals, not temporary labor.

Israeli - US Flag PinsIf you look at the image above, you will see a perfect detail that is hard to believe. These flag pins that Pins Fast made for the Israeli Consulate are only .75″ wide, yet they are perfectly soft enamel filled. They are custom made when they cannot be found stock. Dignitaries and consulates, government agencies and politicians wear their flag pins like a badge – displaying it proudly as a part of their uniform. Let Pins Fast design your custom flag pins today.

Custom Flag Pins Quote

It’s actually a very simple process to get your custom flag pins. Just let us know the type of flag pins you need by filling out our free art & quote form. We will reply to you via email, sending you a free design and quote. There is no obligation to buy, but we work very hard to design pins that you will love. The design will have effects that make it look like a real pin. We hope this helps you visualize a completed flag pin easier.

Order Flag Pins

Once we finally customize the flag pins exactly the way you like you can decide to order. Ordering flag pins online is easy. You can purchase online using any major credit card.. You order will be processed by Authorize.net and you will receive an automated receipt. We will confirm your address via email and send you a tracking number once the order is ready to ship.

Hard Enamel Trading Pins

hard enamel trading pinsHard enamel trading pins give you and your baseball organization the kind of recognition it deserves. Hard enamel is frequently used for the highest quality lapel pins, and seldom do we see them as trading pins. Trading pins are most commonly seen as soft enamel, which is easier for production and has become industry standard. Hard enamel pins are typically used for jewelry quality lapel pins, whereas soft enamel is considered a bit more rugged, which fits baseball trading pins well. It is also more difficult to get high detail into a hard enamel lapel pin. Sometimes of course we have to think outside the box. When West Garden Grove Little League needed baseball trading pins they asked for a higher level of manufacturing. They needed hard enamel trading pins that look prestigious and last forever.

Trading Pins & Memories

Hard enamel trading pins will be a collectors dream for years to come. The quality of design, production standards and high quality control standards help to produce a lasting treasure for little league baseball players. These hard enamel pins are also a beautiful keepsake for the parents, coaches and fans.

Hard Enamel Differences

Hard enamel is different because the coloring in much more flush with the surrounding metal. You can see on the image examples below, the hard enamel pin on the left. See the coloring on the crossed bats? The coloring is not concave, it is flush with the surrounding metal. This method is generally more expensive but it also creates a more traditional pin. Click the image to take a closer look.

Both types of baseball trading pins display exquisite quality manufacturing. The only difference is presentation. Soft enamel is typically used to get a bigger bang for your buck in trading pins.

A hard enamel lapel pin is more commonly seen on a tuxedo or well fitted suit. A soft enamel pins are commonly seen on lanyards or baseball hats. Hard enamel creates a more classic look by raising the enamel flush with the metal. Both pins are made to the highest quality standards but offer different styles for different presentations.

Trading Pins: Free Designs

Our trading pins are unique pins that make little league baseball teams happy each year. We are very happy to have the opportunity to design baseball trading pins. I decided I would post a few examples of my trading pins today in order to share. There are so many different ways to design pins, and every trading pin designer has their own unique style. When I work with other designers, I try not to influence their personal style. I do make sure that the designs they do are in line with our production capabilities however.

Trading Pins With Blinkers

trading pins with blinkersOur trading pins with blinkers look very realistic. Take a look at the effects by clicking on the trading pins image. The blinker really blinks on your screen! This is as close to a real life representation of the pin after production as I can get. I try very hard to provide visually stunning free trading pin designs each year.

There are so many examples of my trading pins with blinkers, sliders, glitter, danglers and spinners. I wish I had more time to post some other examples, but time is better spent designing pins – don’t ya think? If you want to see your own example, stop by and fill out our free design and quote form for a no obligation custom trading pins design and quote today.

How Are Trading Pin Designs Free?

It is true that there are some who will always abuse my free trading pin design service. In the long run however, most people are good at heart and will work with me to finalize the order. I make sure they always get their pins on time and in good condition. Our customers are loyal patrons who then return to Pins Fast year after year to order their trading pins. Each year we grow more and more loyal customers who appreciate our great customer service. In the end, it’s all for those hard working little league baseball players! They deserve our best.

Pins for Organizations

Pins Fast specializes in pins for organizations. Recently Pins Fast was contacted by the ASA (American for Safe Access), a group that is working to make medical grade marijuana available for therapy and research. This is considered a very controversial stance in our country right now. Pins Fast’s pins for organizations like the ASA helps them to promote their name.

Quality Pins for Organizations

When any customer contacts us for a design, there are two paths to delivering pins for organizations like the ASA that will quickly communicate and represent their cause.

Customer Furnished Art

Lapel pins for organizations

Lapel pins for the A.S.A.

Some organizations furnish the exact art that they want on the pin, even including specific colors that must be used. In those cases, it’s the responsibility of the pin designer to deliver a pin with that art placed well on the pin and that the pin meets the strict requirements of the customer.

Pins Fast Design

Some customers will want to work with a pin designer to come up with attractive lapel pins that quickly communicate their corporate identity or cause. Such is the case with the ASA. Pins Fast pin designers will research the company, scour their website, and begin to understand how to create a design that will best represent the customer. This approach requires design skills, digital art expertise, and good judgment. These are all qualities that Pins Fast designers have.

Your Organization’s Ally

You can always contact Pins Fast for fast, courteous and free lapel pin design. We also assist by offering great discounts and incentives. We are Pins Fast because we waste no time in finalizing your order and starting the production of your lapel pins for organizations. There are companies which focus on profits and there are companies like Pins Fast that focus on you.

It’s exciting and interesting to work with these diversified organizations such as the ASA. We are happy to work with these groups and strive to represent their causes well. Order pins for organizations like yours from Pins Fast.

Black Nickel Plating

When Vevo.com needed lapel pins fast, they simply went to pinsfast.com and filled out our free quote form. Within minutes they were contacted and offered a free design and quote for their rush lapel pins, which they needed for a Grammy party at the “W” hotel in Hollywood. Companies and organizations choose rush lapel pins for parties and events because a lapel pin is expected yet there is little notice sometimes before the event. Production of soft enamel or offset printed pins require a week or more. Rush lapel pins from Pins Fast are top quality pins that can look just as great as any other lapel pin but they can be produced in a few days.

Rush Pins in 2 – 4 Days

Photodome Rush Example for VEVOWe made sure the rush pins arrived on time, and they were very satisfied with the results. The quality of our rush pins are second to none because we use a proprietary method which creates a beautiful, clear and durable epoxy dome which does not separate from the metal backing like other companies do. The high resolution printing we offer on our rush pins closely resembles the quality found in our offset printed lapel pins. Colors are printed bright and clear, black lines and details are printed crisp and clean.

Pins in 7 – 10 Days

Vevo Lapel PinsThe rush pins were great and they decided to order pins again, but the second time around they had more lead time so we suggested high quality soft enamel lapel pins with black nickel plating. Black nickel metal plating is shiny like silver but darker in appearance. The black nickel metal matches the black contour of their logo and website which sports a shiny black interface. The Vevo pins are a hit – just like Vevo and the artists who’s videos we’ve seen on the Vevo website.

Darker silver plating

Mardi Gras Pins

mardi gras lapel pinsEach year the Mardi Gras festival begins and Mardi Gras pins are a part of that famous Louisianan tradition. When our customer needed her pins fast for Mardi Gras she contacted pinsfast.com. It was her all ladies “Krewe of Galatea” that needed the pins, to signify their place in the festival. This was the Krewe’s 43rd year participating in Mardi Gras in Morgan City, LA and she wanted something special – but it needed to be fast.

Mardi Gras Pins Fast

We work diligently to design pins like this and email a lapel pin design back to our customers within a 2 hour time period. She received the art and it was exactly what she needed so she ordered the pins. The pins went into production immediately and were delivered on time – a day early just to be sure. Offset printed pins are great because they can meet quickly approaching deadlines. Offset printed pins can have minute details and any number of colors. The pin designers at pins fast used offset printed pins as the perfect solution for these Mardi Gras pins.

The image to the right is a good example of the flexibility of the offset printed lapel pin. Notice the glass like epoxy dome and how it gives the pin a glossy look while protecting it from the elements.

Our Pins Are Fast – Just Ask Our Customers!

Krewe of Galatea in costume for Mardi GrasOur customer was very happy and wrote a testimonial which she allows us to use on our website:
“Just received my pins and I LOVE them!! Thank you so much for making sure I received them in time.

I’ve attached a picture of my husband along with myself, our son, who was a paige to the King and our daughter who was a Lady in Waiting. They were all part of this years Krewe of Galatea court. Our krewe is an all ladies krewe and this was our 43rd year participating in Mardi Gras in Morgan City, LA. Feel free to put it up on your blog!

Best Regards,

Shantell Cavalier

Lapel Pins for Churches

Archbishop of San Antonio Lapel PinsWhen you need lapel pins for churches you can contact Pins Fast. We offer the best prices so that you can get pins cheap and our customer service is friendly and helpful so that you can get pins fast! We always provide free artwork and there are never any setup fees or hidden “bait and switch” tactics that other pin companies use. We simply offer you a free quote with the final price, including free USPS Priority mail.

When the Archdiocese of San Antonio needed lapel pins and other promotional items for their churches promotional event, they filled out our free quote form. Maybe they heard about us from other churches and religious organizations in the southwest who have purchased their custom lapel pins with Pins Fast. We were able to respond immediately with a free design and quote, which was close enough to what they wanted. After changing the design from offset printed to soft enamel, and then gold plating to silver they decided the pins were just right for their Archbishop’s Appeal promotional event. There was never any obligation to buy the custom pins, but we know that when a lapel pin design looks just right our customers will be compelled to purchase. This is why we provide the finest lapel pin design for free with no hidden fees or charges whatsoever.

The Archbishop of San Antonio was able to order their custom lapel pins cheap with Pins Fast. Lapel pins for churches and religious organizations get special incentive pricing from Pins Fast. They also ordered custom pens with their web address custom printed on the sides. Custom pens are a great way to promote a organization, club or business because pens are always in demand. When you hand out a flyer people most likely will not be as interested. On the other hand, someone might ask YOU for a pen and when you give them a promotional pen with your contact and web address printed on it they will be compelled to contact you when it is most convenient for them. Sometimes the best way to reach out to new people is with a custom printed promotional pen.

Car Club Pins

Car Club Lapel PinsThese pins were purchased to give out to members of a European sports car club. Lapel pins can help to signify an exclusive membership when worn in a club or other public area. There are many different types of exclusive membership lapel pins which can be purchased through Pins Fast. These car club pins are a good example.

Even though these pins were inexpensive and made fast, they are a great example of quality offset printed lapel pins.

Quality Offset Printed Lapel Pins

This pin is also very small, and is only about an inch high, yet you can see the exquisite detail that offset printing can produce. Even with a zoomed in picture you can barely see the halftone dots used to create the gray color. This is testament to the high resolution offset printing we offer on our lapel pins. The customer specified that the text only measure 1/16 inch in height, yet is completely legible and prints well.

Pins with Magnetic Clutches

Since the owners of high end European sports cars may be wearing custom tailored suits to the event, the pins were made with magnetic clutches. Magnetic clutches prevent wearers from having to penetrate the lapel of clothing or garment with an actual pin. This can be useful if you want a nice lapel pin for your suit or expensive rented tuxedo, but do not want to penetrate the suit with a pin or damage it in any way.

Offset Printed pins with Gold Plating

This offset printed lapel pin for a car club is not what you would expect from an ordinary offset printed lapel pin. One important thing to note is that this pin is gold plated. Gold plating can be used in very creative ways on an offset printed lapel pin. The negative areas that are not printed let the gold plating on the base of the pin shine through.



Religious Lapel Pins

A lapel pin can be a very classy way to spread the message of your church or organization. When people gather at a public place like a church or synagogue they dress nicely and display their religious lapel pins proudly on the lapels of their nice clothes. This makes the best background for displaying the pins and allows them to become a distinct talking point for everyone the wearer meets. When you want to spread your religious or political organizations message in a grass-roots way, a well designed religious lapel pin from Pins Fast will help it gain momentum and let people know you are serious.

religious lapel pinsRecently we have designed lapel pins for the Consulate General of Israel to the Southwest. The lapel pin’s message was one of unity between the nations of United States and Israel by displaying the message “One With Israel” and intertwining ribbons representing each corresponding nations flag.

These religious lapel pins were distributed to churches and synagogues in the Southwest and the North East to allow members to display their solidarity and support for Israel in these chaotic times.

The pins looked great as a printed pin because we were able to reproduce the logo exactly as it was given to us. Sometimes logos contain gradients and drop shadows which are impossible to produce by any other means other than printing. Printing religious lapel pins can also be less expensive as other pins.

Needless to say the consulate general was very pleased and ordered a second batch!

That Last Handshake

We all congratulate the Ocean View Little League of Huntington Beach, CA for their win over Minami Little League of Hamamatsu City, Japan. Both teams are excellent players and, whether they know it or not, excellent ambassadors for their respective countries.

Even though the game was filled with serious competitiveness and the strong desire to win, after the final game, each team quickly took the field and lined up for a handshake, which in several cases, ended in a respectful hug.

These players and this tournament may play a large role in future international relationships. Both teams have learned to respect the talents and efforts of their international opponents. This is a lesson that won’t be quickly forgotten.

That last handshake, where two teams come together to physically reach out to each other in a symbol of comfort and respect, ends with all players feeling good about themselves, their opponents and their achievements.

Coaches, parents, and sponsors, congratulations for another excellent season.