Cracker Jack Trading Pins

A customer thought up this great way to present trading pins to her son’s team. She first checked that no team members had any nut or peanut allergies. After confirming that there were none, she bought a box of old-fashioned Cracker Jacks for each team member. She then carefully opened the bottom of each box, took out the lame prize (sorry Cracker Jacks, but these have gotten silly) and then inserted the trading pins, each in its protective plastic bag. She then resealed the box with a little carefully placed tape.

Surprise: Trading Pins

When the team gathered to watch videos and have hot dogs before the next tournament, each boy got a box of Cracker Jacks and found their trading pins. Can you imagine how surprised they were? More exciting videos resulted.

Of course all members received more pins for trading and gifting later, but what an impact that surprise delivery had!

Cracker Jack Trading Pin Suprise

I love how parents support their teams and are sure to keep the team and sports experience a positive one.

So put on your thinking cap. I’d love to hear what you come up with and I’d love a picture!

Happy Tournament Season!


Great Cooperstown Pins

Hollywood Heat Cooperstown Trading Pins

For those who don’t know, Cooperstown is the premier Little League baseball tournament in America. Little League baseball teams work for several years to be admitted to Cooperstown. When they arrive, everyone starts by trading their Cooperstown trading pins.

The custom trading pin on the right is a pin we did recently for a 12U baseball team. When you look at this pin you immediately know that the team is going to Cooperstown, it is their inaugural season, the team’s name is Hollywood Heat, they are a 12U team from Florida and the year is 2011.

Cooperstown trading pins have a higher trading value when accessories are added to them such as danglers and when the pins are larger. At 2 inch size, the “Hollywood Heat” Cooperstown trading pin featured in this article is large and in charge. Size does matter, and it increases a Cooperstown trading pins value substantially. I am sure this Little League team is proud of their Cooperstown trading pins because they ordered early and gave us time to manufacture dangler accessories.

Ordering months in advance is the best way to assure your pins will be produced on time and it will actually save you money. Ordinary shipping is free with every order, but rush shipping is not. We also offer low cost incentives to order in Winter or Spring because that reduces overtime costs in the busy, summer season.

Cooperstown Trading Pins Fast

Other teams will scramble to have a pin in time for Cooperstown because they took too long to order, or perhaps they did not know the importance of Cooperstown trading pins. When Little League teams find out they made it to the tournament only a few weeks beforehand they can also be at an unfair disadvantage on trading day. Pins Fast seeks to level the playing field by providing great Cooperstown trading pins fast. Best of all, our rush trading pins are Made in the U.S.A.. Making your Cooperstown trading pins in America guarantees that you will have them in time for your event. It also supports the local economy by providing jobs to skilled American workers.

American Made Cooperstown Trading Pins

Other companies who make their pins overseas cannot guarantee timely delivery due to customs clearance and other delivery or manufacturing mishaps. Call 1-877-DESIGN to talk to our trading pin designers or fill out our pins fast free design and quote form today to receive your American Made Cooperstown trading pins fast.

We wish everyone going to Cooperstown good luck. You can see how great Cooperstown trading pins are a vital part of the Little League experience. Having trading pins is almost as important as having your gloves or your bats. Don’t be left without them!

If you need Cooperstown trading pins, we are happy to help by providing a free design service. Cooperstown trading pins take priority over other designs, so when you submit our free design and quote form we will typically respond within two hours or less with a great design. We want to help you no matter what your situation is. If you order early that is best, but it’s never too late. If you need Cooperstown trading pins fast, we can even ship your pins out in 24 hours or less!

Trading Pin Checklist

We want to make baseball trading pins easy to order and fun. I have put together this checklist to help you through the process.

  1. Start early. We can ship our rush pins to you in 24 hours or less but overnight shipping is extra. We offer UPS Ground shipping for free so you will always save money by ordering weeks in advance. Other pin companies promise “production in 10 to 14 days” but if you read the fine print, you will see it does not include summer months. Dont be one of the many teams they fool every year. You cannot get your money back from them if your pins arrive late.
  2. If you have a design in mind, share it with the graphic artist. Become partners in creating the perfect trading pin to represent your team.
  3. If you don’t have a design in mind, give the graphic artist as much information as possible; such as, team name, team logo, team colors, age group, player numbers, and your state. Our graphic artist will render a design based on this information.
  4. Ask for revisions. Don’t hesitate to work with the graphic artist to change the pin. Sometimes you have to see the proof before you realize you wanted another element on the pin. You will find our graphic artists easy to work with. They take great pride in their designs. They want your pin to have great trading value that is the envy of the other teams.
  5. When you place your order, let us know your expectations of delivery date. We will go out of our way to get your pin to you on time and we can guarantee our rush pins to ship out in 24 hours or less.
  6. Consider adding extras like danglers, blinkers, sliders, and spinners. They don’t cost much and really add that extra bling to your pin.
  7. If you like our pins and our customer service tell your friends! We would love to hear from them too!It’s that easy. Make baseball pin season a snap by contacting PinsFast today.

Order Trading Pins

It’s the time of year that trading pin orders come in fast and furiously! Since each pin is custom designed, the process takes a little time. We may need to revise the design once or twice to get it just like you envisioned.

If you have any questions about quantity, size, style, what we can fit on a pin, please email us and we’ll get back to you very quickly with an answer, or, you can request a quote and begin the design process. The more you can tell us about what you want, the close our designers will come the first time around.

Email us at PinsFast or submit a request for a Free Quote. We look forward to helping you!

Happy trading!


Picking Trading Pin Size

Hi, I’m Joyce. I process orders for PinsFast and ensure that your customized trading pin will be high quality and delivered as quickly as possible.

One of the most frequent questions that customers ask us is “What size pin should I order?” We are very happy to answer that and help you make your decision, and we’re glad you asked!

Rob, our designer, is tasked with producing a baseball trading pin with an attractive, eye catching design while also putting all the information you want on it. I’ve often seen him struggle to get teeny little numbers on baseballs that can only be read by those with extremely good eyesight.

So, if you have any questions about size, or anything else you need to know before making your pin decision, be sure to call us. Rob answers the phone himself when possible, so you’ll be speaking directly with your pin designer.

I’m looking forward to handling lots of orders of baseball season this year and talking with as many of you as I can.

Happy trading!


Practice! Practice! Practice!

I was talking to a neighbor yesterday who is aware of my involvement in youth baseball and other kid related activities. Her boys are involved in league baseball here. During our conversation, the subject of practice came up. It seems she is very concerned that her boys are complaining about their practices. They don’t want to go, but they want to be on the team. It’s too hot, too cold, too hard, etc. Since her boys are 11 and 9, complaints of this type are not unusual.

I wanted to give her a good response that would allow her to make the best decision about having her boys continue with this sport, so I went home and constructed this 5 question survey and sent it to her.

  1. Are any of their complaints specific to the coaches? Sorry to say, but there are good and bad coaches. A good coach will “push” your child to perform at their best level, but still be approachable, professional, and likeable.
  2. Is your child stressed? Are they involved in too many things? Is their school work very demanding? You might need to eliminate something from their schedule, but it might not be baseball practice. Practice and the associated physical activity can be a great stress relief.
  3. Is baseball a good fit for them athletically? If not, you’ll need to decide whether one-on-one skills training might help, or if it’s a general fitness problem, then decide the best way to address it or find another sport.
  4. Is there a different activity your child would prefer? Maybe they are musical. I do think active sports is an important component and should be included in a schedule of weekly activities. If the alternate desired activity is video games, which is very common, I think video game time should be limited.
  5. Have you thoroughly discussed the practice issue with your child? Not on the way to practice, not going home from a practice, but at another time, one on one. Try to listen more than you talk. This is not the time for any “it’s important to be a member of a team” type talks. Let the coach handle that.

I’m sure my neighbor will make the best decision for her boys. Personally, I hope they stay involved in sports.


Trading Pin Sliders

Baseball season is here, and it is time to start thinking about what type of trading pin design you would like. We work around the clock designing baseball pins, and we aim to finish each first design in less than 2 hours. Of course we offer superb quality because your need a very trade-able lapel pin. We are fast but also offer the best designs and the greatest quality.

Pins with slidersWe designed the pin below for a team in the Chicago area. The slider makes the pin more exciting. If your team trades pins, you know how these added features makes a pin one of the “gotta have it” ones.  Adding these features doesn’t add much to your pins’ cost either.

It is always good to order trading pins early while there is plenty of time to add these tweaks and design a pin that will excite your team.  Order well before the trading events begin, and we can offer incredible deals!

Happy trading!