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Custom Corporate Pins From Pins Fast

Custom Corporate Pins

This custom corporate pin was made for the city of Iowa City. This was a rush pin. The customer got their pins fast.

Do you need custom corporate pins for your next trade show, conference, or goodwill event? Let Pins Fast help!

Ordering Custom Corporate Pins is Easy

Pins Fast makes ordering custom corporate pins easy, just fill out the form on the right hand side of this page. We will respond via email with a link to order and a free design.

There are many different ways to produce your corporate pins. It depends on your budget and how quickly your pins are needed. Sometimes, custom corporate pins for trade shows are needed quickly. Other times, you may need a timeless keepsake for your valued employees. Whichever impression you wish to make, you can find a custom corporate pin to suit your needs.

Why custom corporate pins?

Wear a custom corporate pin.

Custom Corporate Pin

This is a recent custom corporate pin which we created.

Make sure everyone at your booth is wearing a custom corporate pin. Ask your visitors to take some pins. The pins will remind them of your company or brand. People love free things! Custom corporate pins at your trade show booth increase traffic. Your pins will improve brand recognition. Your visitors will get a souvenir. These pins can be affordable! We have custom corporate pins to fit your budget.

Order Rush Pins from Pins Fast. These pins are already made, but they are blank. To get your logo onto the rush pins, we must apply your image to the pre-shaped blank pins. Our pre-made blank pins come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs: round, rectangle, and square. They are all about 1 inch in size. Your pins will have a silver or gold edge around the image. We produce them in 24 hours, guaranteed. We ship them right away. Our rush pins get the most positive reviews out of any other type of pins that we offer. Let us know how many pins you need, and provide your corporate logo or brand. That’s all there is to it!

My company has strict brand identity standards.

Custom Corporate Pin Maple Shade

An example of a custom corporate pin in a custom shape.

Your company may have special rules governing the use of its logo or trademark. These standards must stay consistent for your custom corporate pins. If your custom corporate pins must adhere to brand identity standards, then you should order offset printed lapel pins. Offset printed lapel pins use the four-color-process method of printing, or CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). If you have specific pantone colors, our artists use the closest CMYK mix of colors to match them.

Offset printed custom corporate pins represent your company.

Offset printed custom corporate pins are shaped to match your brand. We make a mold in a shape that you want. Then we stamp your custom corporate pins from metal. It’s like a cookie cutter. After the metal is shaped, we print your logo onto the pin. Then we apply an epoxy to the surface. This makes it shiny. The epoxy protects the printed surface.

Stand out with custom corporate pins at trade shows!

Offset printed lapel pins usually arrive about 1 week after you order. During the summer, it may take longer because demand is much higher. If you are concerned about the deadline, you should order our Rush Pins instead.

Reproduce small details on custom corporate pins.

Offset printing allows us to print very fine details. These details may be thin lines or small text. We can also print gradients and shadows. These features are typically seen in web 2.0 style logos, like ours. Offset printing allows for a great deal of flexibility in your corporate pin design. You can be creative. What ideas will you come up with?

Corporate Pins

Corporate Pins

Corporate Pins for Walmart

Pins Fast specializes in professional looking, customized corporate pins for your trade show or event. Nothing puts your best foot forward like a corporate lapel pin from Pins Fast. We have the experience and the technology in place to make sure your corporate pins look excellent and arrive on time.

We give our corporate customers the highest priority because we know how important it is for them. Some of our corporate pins customers who were ordering on a tight deadline have even thanked us for saving their jobs! Because of our dedication, we have received many positive reviews from some of America’s top brands.

Corporate Pins Fast

When you need corporate pins fast, you should fill out our Free Design & Quote form at We see many customers around the world ordering their corporate pins on a tight deadline. In order to better serve them, we streamlined the process for ordering custom lapel pins online.

Because of our dedication to being organized and efficient, we have almost entirely eliminated any human errors. We follow a protocol for each order that ensures your pins will meet their deadline no matter what! Experience is the best teacher, and Pins Fast has the most experience in making sure your corporate lapel pins arrive fast! We even offer a 24-hour rush service for American corporations and organizations who need their pins in a matter of days.

Corporate Pins Fast for Trade Shows

corporate pins printed fast

Corporate Pins Fast

Corporate pins are ideal for trade shows and other promotional events. We know how to honor your corporate identity guidelines with the proper use of Pantone colors, vector art and high resolution direct-to substrate printing. Our expert graphic designers can work with whatever file format you have available to send a free online design and quote. Just upload the files on our web form and we will apply your logo to the free design proof. We respond within minutes because we know how important it is to get corporate pins for your upcoming trade show or event.

Corporate Pins Fast

Corporate Pins Fast for Trade Shows

Many of our customers who order corporate pins supply vector art on our web form. We can accept .ai files, .eps files, .pdf files as well as raster format such as .png, .jpg and .psd format (Photoshop), just to name a few. With decades of experience using industry-standard software and following brand identity guidelines, it’s no wonder that America’s top brands feel safe ordering from Pins Fast.

What’s best is that we offer a quick turnaround time, giving you peace of mind and letting you get back to what you do best! Just let us know the date you need your pins on our web form to the right. We will send you the appropriate design and quote that best suits your needs. You don’t have to fill out every part of the form because we will respond quickly via email to answer all of your questions. We know how to make your corporate pins fast for trade shows or events and we are eager to help.


Special Olympics Lapel Pins

When an important organization such as the Special Olympics has a tight deadline for custom lapel pins, they rely on the experts here at Pins Fast. We specialize in meeting tight deadlines for name brand companies and organizations nationwide. We are dedicated to uphold our reputation as America’s #1 source for custom pins fast. Our manufacturing is faster and more reliable because we are more prepared for faster pin production. Because of our preparedness, we were able to meet the tight deadline for these Special Olympics Lapel Pins.

Special Olympics Lapel Pins Fast

The Special Olympics needed 5000 custom lapel pins in about a week and a half. Production of such a high volume of Special Olympics lapel pins fast was only possible with our dedicated factory. We are always ready to make your lapel pins fast. Our designers and staff are always available for your emergency pin orders, Just call 1-855-4-PINS-TODAY. Our customers will testify on our behalf – we make lapel pins fast without sacrificing quality. You demand high quality custom lapel pins fast and we produce them, on-time!

Our customer was very pleased with the Special Olympics Lapel Pins. Here is what she wrote:

“Just got them (Special Olympics Lapel Pins) and they look great! We look forward to doing more work with pins fast in the near future. Thanks so much!”

Serena R. Boykin
Manager, Online Media and Graphic Design
Special Olympics Southern California

Special Olympics Lapel Pin Design

Special Olympics Lapel PinsThe Special Olympics had a new logo which demanded accurate production in order to comply with marketing guidelines. The colors had to match and no alterations could be made to the logo. Offset printing allows us to print gradients and fine details that are impossible to produce with other methods. That was one reason why we decided to make these pins as offset printed lapel pins. Another reason was that offset printed lapel pins can be produced in less than a week. Enamel and Die struck pins take about 2 weeks or less.

We explained this to our customer when we emailed her the free design and quote. She was very happy with our fast response time and after 1 minor change to the art she was ready to order. We are always happy to modify your design – for free. We want to make sure that you and your organization are happy with the digital proof before the production begins.

The image was printed directly onto the metal surface of the pins. After the images were printed, the pins were coated with a clear epoxy to protect them. These Special Olympics lapel pins should last for many years to come.

Ordering Special Olympics Lapel Pins

Once she approved the design, ordering Special Olympics lapel pins was easy. The design she approved was the second version, digital proof #2. She just went to and specified her name, proof #2 and the amount quoted. Our online shopping cart is secure and all orders are processed though Pins Fast is a member of the Better Business Bureau and we are dedicated to our customer’s peace-of-mind. The Special Olympics Lapel Pins were ordered online and arrived on-time the following week.

Award Pins for Employees

Large corporations such as Amtrak know that it is a great idea to order award pins for employees before the end of the year. Award pins can greatly increase employee morale. Sometimes award pins for employees become keepsakes and collectors items in years to come.

Award Pins for Employees of Amtrak

award pins for employees

Amtrak Employee Recognition Pins

When Amtrak needed award pins for it’s 22,000 employees they trusted Pins Fast. Pins Fast specializes in large orders of lapel pins. Our experience and knowledge allows us to deliver a high volume of custom lapel pins to major corporations in a timely manner. Amtrak’s deadline was approaching fast so we sent them a free design and quote for offset printed lapel pins. Offset printed lapel pins can be produced much faster than other types of lapel pins but have the same high standard of quality. Our skilled illustrator Robert Bennett designed a printed pin with original vector artwork in a matter of hours. Adding Robert’s original artwork to the design further increased the quality and value.

The employees of Amtrak were very thankful to have an original illustration of an Amtrak train on their custom pins. Many of the employees expressed their thanks and we received the following testimonial:

“Thank you again. The employees feedback is wonderful. Rob they loved the design. We are already thinking about next year…”

Yolonda Scales-Horton
Amtrak Employee Relations Officer

Ordering Award Pins for Employees

Ordering award pins for employees is a simple process with Pins Fast. We know you have other things to do and we never want to burden you with endless forms and contracts. Our online order form allows you to order your award pins in a safe and secure environment. Each transaction is securely processed by Pins Fast is a member of the Better Business Bureau and as such we must adhere to a higher standard of customer satisfaction. We go out of our way to make sure you feel confident when ordering custom award pins for employees who deserve a pat on the back.

To make sure our customer was pleased with the pins, we even sent pictures directly from our factory. These pictures show the final product and help us to eliminate any errors or misunderstandings. It also gives our customers a piece-of-mind to know their pins are on the way. With so many fly-by-night pin companies online, we must take these extra steps to assure our customers that Pins Fast is a dependable household name for custom lapel pins.

Delivery of Award Pins for Employees

Pins Fast can save you time and money in shipping and packaging your award pins. We can arrange something if you need award pins delivered multiple locations in the U.S.. Call 1-855-474-6786 to talk about payment options for shipping to multiple locations. If you have a corporate account with FedEx or UPS we can use your corporate account number to ship them. Using a large corporation’s shipping account is more efficient and helps you save on overall expenses. With this special arrangement, Pins Fast was able to quote the Amtrak award pins at almost half the price of our competition. Awarding employees does not have to be expensive or wasteful.

Special Packaging Options for Award Pins

Pins Fast has several different options for the presentation of award pins for employees. Amtrak wanted each lapel pin to be pinned to a custom card. Pins Fast exceeded expectations and delivered each lapel pin pinned to a custom printed card. Each pin was bagged with the card so that there was no additional assembly required. Other options include special acrylic cases, jewelry boxes and of course our standard poly bags.

employee award pins

Whenever you need a high volume of corporate lapel pins, you should trust Pins Fast. Pins Fast has supplied quality lapel pins to other major corporations, institutions and organizations such as the Special Olympics and the U.S. Army. We are ready and standing by to send a you free design and quote. Just fill out our simple quote form or give us a call at 1-855-474-6786. We can answer any questions you may have. We are so grateful for the opportunity to award other hard-working Americans with high quality lapel pins.

Academic Lapel Pins

The Bronx School for Law, Government and Justice needed academic lapel pins fast due to a rescheduled due date. The company they were working with was not able to meet the rescheduled deadline for lapel pins. They searched online for a way to get lapel pins fast. They found Pins Fast and gave us a try! Since they needed the pins in a week, we knew that it was possible to make offset printed lapel pins.

Printing Academic Lapel Pins Fast

Offset printing onto your lapel pins is a popular new way to make pins. The image shows up crisp and bright. Metal plating such as gold can show through the open areas in the design giving the pins a vibrant appearance. Printed lapel pins can even show more detail than the more traditional enamel pins. Printing your lapel pins can also meet tighter deadlines since the colors do not need to be hand-filled like hard enamel lapel pins do. These academic lapel pins for the Bronx School of Law were produced in only 3 days.

Fast Lapel Pin Design Response

Academic Lapel Pins

Academic Lapel Pins for Law School.

We responded with a lapel pin design and quote only 1 hour after receiving the quote form submission from The Bronx School for Law. When you need lapel pins fast we make sure to respond right away. Our quotes are always competitive. It is very hard to beat our rock bottom lapel pin prices. Our lapel pin design gurus can design great looking lapel pins in just minutes. They know just how to make the right pins for you. Best of all: the design service is free, with no obligation to order. If you dont like the first design, we are happy to provide you with free revisions until you love it!

Quality Academic Lapel Pins Fast

When The Bronx School for Law, Government and Justice received their pins, they loved the quality. They wrote: “Just got them.  Thanks so much! They look great– as soon as January comes, I will order more.”. Just because their lapel pins were produced fast does not mean the quality was compromised. Ever since we specialized in making lapel pins fast we knew that we had to have a system in place that would guarantee superb quality academic lapel pins. Our special attention to organization and communication makes us methodical about quality control. Your custom lapel pins are in the right hands with Pins Fast.

Ordering Academic Lapel Pins

Ordering your academic lapel pins has never been easier. We can make all kinds of academic lapel pins. Sororities & fraternities can also order custom lapel pins with Pins Fast. Just fill out our free pin design & quote form and we will respond with a beautiful lapel pin design and quote within 24 hours. If you need academic lapel pins fast we almost always respond within 2 hours or less.

Team Recognition Pins

The University of Maryland wanted to award the hurricane response team with team recognition pins as a reward for great teamwork and personal sacrifice. During any crisis it is important to recognize the efforts of those who put others before themselves. Donating commemorative lapel pins to a team is a great way to show your recognition for their unselfish deeds. These Hurricane Sandy response team recognition pins will improve morale. They will also show a positive example for others to follow.

Team Recognition Pins Fast

Team Recognition Pins

Offset Printed Recognition Pins

The University had to hand out these pins to the team and they needed them fast. They attached their artwork to our online form. We responded within minutes with a final mock-up of the lapel pins. Our experts knew just the type of lapel pins that could meet their deadline. They also knew how to produce their artwork without unnecessary alterations.

Offset Printed Recognition Pins

The best type of production suited for these team recognition pins was our offset printed lapel pins. The digital file that the University of Maryland provided was offset printed without a loss of quality. After printing the image, we added an epoxy dome to protect it against abrasion. The epoxy dome also gives the image a glossy shine which accents the gradients and bright colors used. These offset printed recognition pins look professional and stylish enough to wear on any lapel.

How to get Recognition Pins Fast

For team recognition lapel pins fast, contact Pins Fast by calling 1-855-4-PINS-TODAY or filling out our free pin design and quote form. We will respond within minutes by email. If you don’t like the free design we will send a revision for free as well. If the quote is outside your budget we can always find ways to make the pins more affordable. We are your partner in designing and producing the recognition pins that your team deserves.

Printed Baseball Pins

Printed baseball pins can be made faster and with higher detail if using the offset printed method of production. Offset printing technology is improving, and designers are creating new types of printed pins never seen before. The resolution is higher, meaning a high degree of sharpness and detail is produced. An epoxy dome is then added the the printed pins which seals and protects them while giving them a glossy shine. With this method, rush pin deadlines of 5-7 days can be met.

Quality Printed Baseball Pins

Offset printed baseball pins for the JacketsRush trading pins can be made to a very high standard of quality. Printing also allows the artist to use wild new techniques and less restrictions. These two factors combine to make offset printed baseball pins your method of choice for your baseball trading pins this year. Printed baseball pins are sometimes desired over soft enamel pins when trading because of their originality and unique look. Our artists are finding new ways to create offset printed baseball pins. One unique new concept is to use the plating of the printed baseball pins to show through in certain areas of the design, acting like a color itself. Using this technique we can make offset printed baseball pins that really shine.

Printed Baseball Pins Fast

If you have less than 2 weeks before a trading event, it is safe to say that you cannot purchase Soft Enamel trading pins this summer. Do not worry – offset printed pins are great for any trading event – including Cooperstown and USSSA World Series games across the USA. You can get offset printed pins by filling out our for for a free design and quote. Just click the button for free art and we will send you your free printed baseball pin design and quote with no obligation to buy.

Strike Force Baseball PinsYou can get your free printed baseball pins artwork for your team just like we made for “Strike Force” absolutely free. Just click the button above and fill out the simple form. We appreciate the opportunity to design great printed baseball pins!

Mardi Gras Pins

mardi gras lapel pinsEach year the Mardi Gras festival begins and Mardi Gras pins are a part of that famous Louisianan tradition. When our customer needed her pins fast for Mardi Gras she contacted It was her all ladies “Krewe of Galatea” that needed the pins, to signify their place in the festival. This was the Krewe’s 43rd year participating in Mardi Gras in Morgan City, LA and she wanted something special – but it needed to be fast.

Mardi Gras Pins Fast

We work diligently to design pins like this and email a lapel pin design back to our customers within a 2 hour time period. She received the art and it was exactly what she needed so she ordered the pins. The pins went into production immediately and were delivered on time – a day early just to be sure. Offset printed pins are great because they can meet quickly approaching deadlines. Offset printed pins can have minute details and any number of colors. The pin designers at pins fast used offset printed pins as the perfect solution for these Mardi Gras pins.

The image to the right is a good example of the flexibility of the offset printed lapel pin. Notice the glass like epoxy dome and how it gives the pin a glossy look while protecting it from the elements.

Our Pins Are Fast – Just Ask Our Customers!

Krewe of Galatea in costume for Mardi GrasOur customer was very happy and wrote a testimonial which she allows us to use on our website:
“Just received my pins and I LOVE them!! Thank you so much for making sure I received them in time.

I’ve attached a picture of my husband along with myself, our son, who was a paige to the King and our daughter who was a Lady in Waiting. They were all part of this years Krewe of Galatea court. Our krewe is an all ladies krewe and this was our 43rd year participating in Mardi Gras in Morgan City, LA. Feel free to put it up on your blog!

Best Regards,

Shantell Cavalier

Car Club Pins

Car Club Lapel PinsThese pins were purchased to give out to members of a European sports car club. Lapel pins can help to signify an exclusive membership when worn in a club or other public area. There are many different types of exclusive membership lapel pins which can be purchased through Pins Fast. These car club pins are a good example.

Even though these pins were inexpensive and made fast, they are a great example of quality offset printed lapel pins.

Quality Offset Printed Lapel Pins

This pin is also very small, and is only about an inch high, yet you can see the exquisite detail that offset printing can produce. Even with a zoomed in picture you can barely see the halftone dots used to create the gray color. This is testament to the high resolution offset printing we offer on our lapel pins. The customer specified that the text only measure 1/16 inch in height, yet is completely legible and prints well.

Pins with Magnetic Clutches

Since the owners of high end European sports cars may be wearing custom tailored suits to the event, the pins were made with magnetic clutches. Magnetic clutches prevent wearers from having to penetrate the lapel of clothing or garment with an actual pin. This can be useful if you want a nice lapel pin for your suit or expensive rented tuxedo, but do not want to penetrate the suit with a pin or damage it in any way.

Offset Printed pins with Gold Plating

This offset printed lapel pin for a car club is not what you would expect from an ordinary offset printed lapel pin. One important thing to note is that this pin is gold plated. Gold plating can be used in very creative ways on an offset printed lapel pin. The negative areas that are not printed let the gold plating on the base of the pin shine through.