Our quality lapel pins are custom-made in different ways depending on when you need them by.

Die struck pins are meticulously hand-crafted and take longer to make. If you have the time, they are worth the wait. If not, please try our 24-Hour Rush Pins. This page outlines the different types of die-struck pins available, including soft enamel.

Die Struck Pins with Enamel Colors

coloring enamel lapel pins

Hand-filling the enamel colors. A syringe is used for precision.

Soft Enamel lapel pins are the most popular and vibrant of all the die-struck pins. Each enamel lapel pin is a metal pin with recessed areas. The recessed areas are hand filled with a soft enamel coloring which is then hardened in a kiln.

It is best not to rush soft enamel lapel pins since each pin must be hand colored. The delicate art of coloring is performed by our experts. This coloring process can take up to 1 month.

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Hard Enamel and Soft Enamel Pins

There are two main types of enamel coloring, hard enamel and soft enamel. To make things a little confusing, both hard enamel and soft enamel are actually "hard". The real difference is how the enamel colors react to the kiln.

Soft Enamel

coloring enamel lapel pinsSoft enamel falls back into the recessed areas which allows the remaining metal to stand out more. Soft enamel gives your pins a highly beveled look. Soft enamel lapel pins are popular for baseball pin trading because the metal ridges stand out giving it a bold appearance.

Hard Enamel

Hard enamel does not fall back into the recessed areas - it remains flush with the surrounding metal, giving your pins a smoother top surface. Hard enamel lapel pins are commonly used for organizations and companies who want vibrant, smooth and classy looking pins.

Metal Plating for Die Struck Pins

soft enamel lapel pin designsThe metal parts of the enamel pins are custom made with a metal finish of your choice. If you cannot decide the metal finish for your pins, let our artists decide. Our artists know how best to compliment the colors of your enamel lapel pins with a contrasting metal finish.

  • Black metal plating
  • Silver nickel plating
  • Gold metal plating
  • Bronze metal
  • Copper metal
  • Black nickel plating

Black metal, nickel and gold are the most common plating for lapel pins.

Regular Die Struck Lapel Pins

Regular Die Struck Lapel Pins are for when you do NOT want colors, only metals.

die-struck-pins-collage-webRegular, un-colored  die-struck lapel pins offer timeless, classic beauty. There are no color fillings or printed images on these regular die struck pins, only plated metal. The metal pins are "die struck" in order to imprint your custom image with a custom die. Die struck lapel pins resemble coins because the recessed metal areas define an image on the front. The die struck custom lapel pins are then plated with your choice of metal.

Uses For Die Struck Lapel Pins

Use our custom lapel pins to promote your company, cause or event. Promote employee good will by handing out award pins. Bring smiles to your teams' faces by having the best baseball trading pins to swap at trading events. Pins Fast does not just want to "sell lapel pins," we will be your partner in designing the best custom lapel pins fast!

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Limitations of Die Struck Lapel Pins

Our goal is to make ordering lapel pins fast and easy. While we can provide a fast design and quote for these "die struck" or "enamel" pins, we cannot guarantee production time because they are meticulously hand-made. For a guaranteed production time, please check out our exclusive 24-Hour Printed Pins.

Here at Pins Fast, we don't just mass produce pins. From the fine quality of the hard enamel lapel pins, to the versatility of our exclusive 24-Hour Printed Pins, we assure you that our custom lapel pins are of the highest quality.