Offset printed lapel pins are the most flawless in quality and offer the highest degree of detail when you have a design the requires fine lines or gradients. Sometimes called "digital printing", offset printing can cut production time in half compared to other pins such as soft enamel and cloisonne. Printing and forming offset printed lapel pins can take only 4 days and you can typically receive them in less than 7 days*. You can get top quality pins fast!

Offset printed lapel pins are popular for a variety of uses. Offset printing gives you an unlimited choice of fonts, colors, gradients or fades. It ensures the closest possible representation of your logo, photo or design. High resolution graphics are flawlessly printed to the front of your lapel pins with the latest in printer technology. There are almost no limitations to what can be printed onto these pins. That is why offset printed lapel pins are the most reliable pin production method to date.

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Offset Printed Trading Pins

Offset Printed Trading Pin Design

Offset Printed Trading Pins

Offset printed baseball trading pins are very popular now. Teams can now get these wonderful offset printed trading pins faster and cheaper than the typical soft enamel trading pins. Offset printing is great for softball trading pins and soccer pins as well.

Ordering Offset Printed Lapel Pins

Simply contact one of our professional designers with your design ideas. Don't have a design in mind? No problem, we can design your offset printed lapel pins for free! Just fill out our free pin design & quote form and we will email you a free design and quote.

Offset Printed Lapel Pins Plating Options

Offset printed lapel pins can be accented with the metal of your choice. Areas of the pin that are not printed will allow the metal to show through.

  • Stainless Steel Metal
  • Brass Metal (0.10 extra)


Offset Printed Lapel Pins Pricing

offset printed pins pricing

Making Offset Printed Lapel Pins

First we create a mold to cut the shape of your pin out of sheets of stainless steel or brass (extra). Then we print each color of your design using negative plates. After printing we slowly heat each lapel pin to dry the special ink at about 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Then finally we cover it with a clear, glass-like protective coating called an epoxy dome. The epoxy dome magnifies the image and protects it from the elements.

Shipping Offset Printed Pins

Offset printed pins are shipped in about 2 days. Since production takes about 5 days, we estimate that your offset printed pins can arrive in about a week. Sometimes it may take longer, depending on the time of year and if there are any holidays. If you need pins for an approaching deadline, please consider our 24-Hour Rush Pins instead. Pins Fast's 24-Hour Rush Pins come with a guaranteed production time and delivery method (including FedEx Overnight Shipping, if desired). Even though offset printed pins can arrive faster than most other types of pins, there cannot be a delivery time guarantee (especially during the peak summer season). This caveat is industry-wide.

*Due to the extreme volume of pins ordered between the dates of May 1st to July 31st there will be no delivery guarantees for any custom products implied or offered between this time period. To safely meet a deadline during summer months, please order our Rush Pins.

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