Soft Acrylic Lapel Pins

Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

Our Soft Acrylic lapel pins are unlike any other. Other companies make "soft enamel pins" in China and they are produced from lead, iron and zinc alloy with high levels of mercury and cadmium. We abide by state and federal law by making your soft acrylic pins in the same style as soft enamel pins, but with the safety of our customer in mind as a top priority. Best of all, we bring jobs back to the United States and benefit the local economy! We can even make your soft acrylic style pins in a single day if you need a rush (limit 1000 qty).

Soft acrylic lapel pins get their name from the traditional method of soft enamel but with a key difference. Our pins are made of composite materials which are lightweight and easier to ship, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars! We do not cheat our customer by creating heavy metal pins containing lead and other illegal contaminants.

Yes, They Are Metal Pins

Soft Acrylic Pins are metal on the surface because we use a microsurface laminate of gold or silver colored metal. The metal microsurface layer is beautiful and reflective. Name brand organizations use our pins on television and high profile media events.

Instead of forcing rows of Chinese workers to color each fill by hand, we automate the process with advanced technology her in the United States. Our automated process is faster and more accurate with a flawless quality that is proudly Made in the USA!

To really stand out, an epoxy dome can be added to the finished soft acrylic pins for a glossy shine.

Simply contact one of our professional designers with your design ideas. Don't have a design in mind? No problem, we will assist you in your pin creation from design until delivery. Our lapel pin design service is free.

Soft Acrylic Pins Are A Great Value!

Includes FREE design, FREE shipping and FREE mold.
FREE Butterfly clutch or rubber clutch attachments.
FREE plastic bag packaging included.

soft enamel pins coloring process

The image above shows the traditional "soft enamel" technique of hand coloring each pin. Our exclusive Soft Acrylic Pins are modeled after this traditional but outdated and hazardous Chinese process.

Soft Acrylic Pin Prices: (20% OFF ALL PRICES IF ORDERING EARLY!)

3/4 Inch$2.57$2.03$1.48$1.24$1.13$1.08$0.97$0.81$0.71$0.51
1 Inch$2.63$2.10$1.56$1.28$1.18$1.11$0.99$0.84$0.74$0.63
1 1/4 Inch$2.70$2.24$1.67$1.34$1.22$1.14$1.05$0.89$0.79$0.66
1 1/2 Inch$2.87$2.44$1.96$1.45$1.32$1.25$1.12$0.96$0.88$0.72

Soft Acrylic Lapel Pins Production Technique

To make U.S. Soft Acrylic pins we must use a different method which is legal in the state of California. We cannot use lead based material like our foolish competitors do. Whoa they are going to have some massive recalls! We make our soft acrylic style by laser etching and epoxy doming a microsurface composite metal. We hand-polish each pin and check for any imperfections and then ship them individually wrapped and ready for your sports trading or promotional event.

Soft Acrylic Lapel Pins Metal Surfaces

Soft Acrylic lapel pins can be hand-crafted in one of the following metals:

  • Silver (brushed steel) microsurface metal
  • Gold (brass) microsurface metal