Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

Soft enamel lapel pins get their name from the soft enamel color filling which is fired in a kiln to harden. The metal parts of the pin are electroplated gold, silver, or bronze to give it a jewelry like appearance.

Soft enamel lapel pins are an excellent choice for corporate promotions because they use exact Pantone© colors. An epoxy dome can be added for protection to the hardened colors at no additional charge.

Simply contact one of our professional designers with your design ideas. Don't have a design in mind? No problem, we will assist you in your pin creation from design until delivery. Our lapel pin design service is free. 

Soft Enamel Pins Are A Great Value!

Includes FREE design, FREE shipping and FREE mold.
FREE Butterfly clutch or rubber clutch attachments.
FREE plastic bag packaging included.

soft enamel pins coloring process

Soft Enamel Lapel Pins Pricing Chart:

3/4 Inch$2.57$2.03$1.48$1.24$1.13$1.08$0.97$0.81$0.71$0.51
1 Inch$2.63$2.10$1.56$1.28$1.18$1.11$0.99$0.84$0.74$0.63
1 1/4 Inch$2.70$2.24$1.67$1.34$1.22$1.14$1.05$0.89$0.79$0.66
1 1/2 Inch$2.87$2.44$1.96$1.45$1.32$1.25$1.12$0.96$0.88$0.72

Soft Enamel Lapel Pins Production Technique

We create our soft enamel pins by stamping the metal of your choice with a die. The die stamping process also creates raised metal detailing. Typically we use iron in the process, but for an extra price we use copper for premium quality. The copper material is more malleable than the iron and it allows for fine lines and details. The unfinished soft enamel pins are then plated with black metal, silver (nickel) or real gold material before adding the colors. We usually make copper pins without plating. The pins are then carefully hand-filled with enamel colors which match the Pantone® colors of your design. Finally we fire the trading pins in a kiln to seal the colors. The soft enamel pins can have a protective, clear epoxy dome added at no extra charge. We hand-polish each pin and check for any imperfections and ship them individually wrapped and ready for your sports trading or promotional event.

Soft Enamel Lapel Pins Plating

Soft enamel lapel pins can be hand-crafted in one of the following metals:

  • Black metal plating
  • Silver nickel plating
  • Gold metal plating
  • Bronze metal
  • Copper metal
  • Black nickel plating