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Baseball Trading Pins

Baseball trading pins are specialty trading pins that are traded at Little League Baseball games. They have grown in popularity over the years because they make the game a more memorable experience. Baseball trading pins are most popular at tournaments like “Cooperstown” and “World Series”. At these Little League tournaments, young baseball players are approached…

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Cooperstown Trading Pins

Trading pins at Cooperstown is the experience of a lifetime. Our Cooperstown trading pins reflect our enthusiasm in designing pins for America’s most elite Little League Tournament. We understand the importance of pin trading. These are not just trading pins, they are the identity of your team and a symbol of your proud accomplishments. When…

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Great Cooperstown Pins

For those who don’t know, Cooperstown is the premier Little League baseball tournament in America. Little League baseball teams work for several years to be admitted to Cooperstown. When they arrive, everyone starts by trading their Cooperstown trading pins. The custom trading┬ápin on the right is a pin we did recently for a 12U baseball…

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