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Custom Corporate Pins From Pins Fast

Custom Corporate Pins

This custom corporate pin was made for the city of Iowa City. This was a rush pin. The customer got their pins fast.

Do you need custom corporate pins for your next trade show, conference, or goodwill event? Let Pins Fast help!

Ordering Custom Corporate Pins is Easy

Pins Fast makes ordering custom corporate pins easy, just fill out the form on the right hand side of this page. We will respond via email with a link to order and a free design.

There are many different ways to produce your corporate pins. It depends on your budget and how quickly your pins are needed. Sometimes, custom corporate pins for trade shows are needed quickly. Other times, you may need a timeless keepsake for your valued employees. Whichever impression you wish to make, you can find a custom corporate pin to suit your needs.

Why custom corporate pins?

Wear a custom corporate pin.

Custom Corporate Pin

This is a recent custom corporate pin which we created.

Make sure everyone at your booth is wearing a custom corporate pin. Ask your visitors to take some pins. The pins will remind them of your company or brand. People love free things! Custom corporate pins at your trade show booth increase traffic. Your pins will improve brand recognition. Your visitors will get a souvenir. These pins can be affordable! We have custom corporate pins to fit your budget.

Order Rush Pins from Pins Fast. These pins are already made, but they are blank. To get your logo onto the rush pins, we must apply your image to the pre-shaped blank pins. Our pre-made blank pins come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs: round, rectangle, and square. They are all about 1 inch in size. Your pins will have a silver or gold edge around the image. We produce them in 24 hours, guaranteed. We ship them right away. Our rush pins get the most positive reviews out of any other type of pins that we offer. Let us know how many pins you need, and provide your corporate logo or brand. That’s all there is to it!

My company has strict brand identity standards.

Custom Corporate Pin Maple Shade

An example of a custom corporate pin in a custom shape.

Your company may have special rules governing the use of its logo or trademark. These standards must stay consistent for your custom corporate pins. If your custom corporate pins must adhere to brand identity standards, then you should order offset printed lapel pins. Offset printed lapel pins use the four-color-process method of printing, or CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). If you have specific pantone colors, our artists use the closest CMYK mix of colors to match them.

Offset printed custom corporate pins represent your company.

Offset printed custom corporate pins are shaped to match your brand. We make a mold in a shape that you want. Then we stamp your custom corporate pins from metal. It’s like a cookie cutter. After the metal is shaped, we print your logo onto the pin. Then we apply an epoxy to the surface. This makes it shiny. The epoxy protects the printed surface.

Stand out with custom corporate pins at trade shows!

Offset printed lapel pins usually arrive about 1 week after you order. During the summer, it may take longer because demand is much higher. If you are concerned about the deadline, you should order our Rush Pins instead.

Reproduce small details on custom corporate pins.

Offset printing allows us to print very fine details. These details may be thin lines or small text. We can also print gradients and shadows. These features are typically seen in web 2.0 style logos, like ours. Offset printing allows for a great deal of flexibility in your corporate pin design. You can be creative. What ideas will you come up with?

Eagle Lapel Pins for Jefferson Barracks

When the Jefferson Barracks Heritage Foundation needed lapel pins to match its bronze eagle crest, they contacted Pins Fast. They knew that we do more than just making pins fast. We also sculpt high quality lapel pins for museums and produce quality military medals, patches and coins. We are proud of our American heritage and thankful for our many blessings. It was a pleasure to fulfill our duty as graphic designers in the design and production of these custom American eagle lapel pins.

3-D Spin-Casted

3-D Spin Casted Eagle Lapel Pins

To make these pins 3-D, we needed to use a method that is different from die-striking. 3-D spin casting is the method of production necessary when pins need a very three-dimensional appearance. Spin casting is the process of spinning a molten metal into a mold. The process was actually shown on the popular discovery science channel show, “How It’s Made“.

When you see the elaborate process required to manufacture 3-D eagle lapel pins you can begin to appreciate their incredible value. That is only part of the story however, designing the 3-D lapel pins is the other part of the story – presented here:

Eagle Lapel Pins

First, The graphic designer uses an image from the customer’s website as a template. The artist traces over this image as closely as possible. Then, the graphic designer painstakingly draws the areas of topography in order to describe the ups and downs of the 3-d image. This process can take several hours for a highly detailed 3-D lapel pin. The finished topography will guide the sculptor who creates the mold by hand.

After the graphic designer creates the topography of the eagle lapel pins the pantone colors are specified. Sunken or recessed areas in the design are specified and given a pantone color. Color filling is also done by hand, and so in this case it also helps to have a guide created by the graphic designer.

Antiqued Metal Finishes

After the eagle lapel pins are 3-d spin casted – they are plated with bronze metal. The bronze is “antiqued” in order to give an oxidation effect. The antique effect is achieved by using a dark die to stain the bronze metal. The stain is then brushed away but remains inside the deeper grooves and recessed areas of the pin. These darker areas help to define the image and give it more character and emphasis.

If you would like us to create custom american eagle pins, patriotic coins, patches or even medals – give Pins Fast a try today with a free pin design and quote.

Religious Lapel Pins

A lapel pin can be a very classy way to spread the message of your church or organization. When people gather at a public place like a church or synagogue they dress nicely and display their religious lapel pins proudly on the lapels of their nice clothes. This makes the best background for displaying the pins and allows them to become a distinct talking point for everyone the wearer meets. When you want to spread your religious or political organizations message in a grass-roots way, a well designed religious lapel pin from Pins Fast will help it gain momentum and let people know you are serious.

religious lapel pinsRecently we have designed lapel pins for the Consulate General of Israel to the Southwest. The lapel pin’s message was one of unity between the nations of United States and Israel by displaying the message “One With Israel” and intertwining ribbons representing each corresponding nations flag.

These religious lapel pins were distributed to churches and synagogues in the Southwest and the North East to allow members to display their solidarity and support for Israel in these chaotic times.

The pins looked great as a printed pin because we were able to reproduce the logo exactly as it was given to us. Sometimes logos contain gradients and drop shadows which are impossible to produce by any other means other than printing. Printing religious lapel pins can also be less expensive as other pins.

Needless to say the consulate general was very pleased and ordered a second batch!