We all congratulate the Ocean View Little League of Huntington Beach, CA for their win over Minami Little League of Hamamatsu City, Japan. Both teams are excellent players and, whether they know it or not, excellent ambassadors for their respective countries.

Even though the game was filled with serious competitiveness and the strong desire to win, after the final game, each team quickly took the field and lined up for a handshake, which in several cases, ended in a respectful hug.

These players and this tournament may play a large role in future international relationships. Both teams have learned to respect the talents and efforts of their international opponents. This is a lesson that won’t be quickly forgotten.

That last handshake, where two teams come together to physically reach out to each other in a symbol of comfort and respect, ends with all players feeling good about themselves, their opponents and their achievements.

Coaches, parents, and sponsors, congratulations for another excellent season.