Religious Lapel Pins

A lapel pin can be a very classy way to spread the message of your church or organization. When people gather at a public place like a church or synagogue they dress nicely and display their religious lapel pins proudly on the lapels of their nice clothes. This makes the best background for displaying the pins and allows them to become a distinct talking point for everyone the wearer meets. When you want to spread your religious or political organizations message in a grass-roots way, a well designed religious lapel pin from Pins Fast will help it gain momentum and let people know you are serious.

religious lapel pinsRecently we have designed lapel pins for the Consulate General of Israel to the Southwest. The lapel pin’s message was one of unity between the nations of United States and Israel by displaying the message “One With Israel” and intertwining ribbons representing each corresponding nations flag.

These religious lapel pins were distributed to churches and synagogues in the Southwest and the North East to allow members to display their solidarity and support for Israel in these chaotic times.

The pins looked great as a printed pin because we were able to reproduce the logo exactly as it was given to us. Sometimes logos contain gradients and drop shadows which are impossible to produce by any other means other than printing. Printing religious lapel pins can also be less expensive as other pins.

Needless to say the consulate general was very pleased and ordered a second batch!