Black Nickel Plating

When needed lapel pins fast, they simply went to and filled out our free quote form. Within minutes they were contacted and offered a free design and quote for their rush lapel pins, which they needed for a Grammy party at the “W” hotel in Hollywood. Companies and organizations choose rush lapel pins for parties and events because a lapel pin is expected yet there is little notice sometimes before the event. Production of soft enamel or offset printed pins require a week or more. Rush lapel pins from Pins Fast are top quality pins that can look just as great as any other lapel pin but they can be produced in a few days.

Rush Pins in 2 – 4 Days

Photodome Rush Example for VEVOWe made sure the rush pins arrived on time, and they were very satisfied with the results. The quality of our rush pins are second to none because we use a proprietary method which creates a beautiful, clear and durable epoxy dome which does not separate from the metal backing like other companies do. The high resolution printing we offer on our rush pins closely resembles the quality found in our offset printed lapel pins. Colors are printed bright and clear, black lines and details are printed crisp and clean.

Pins in 7 – 10 Days

Vevo Lapel PinsThe rush pins were great and they decided to order pins again, but the second time around they had more lead time so we suggested high quality soft enamel lapel pins with black nickel plating. Black nickel metal plating is shiny like silver but darker in appearance. The black nickel metal matches the black contour of their logo and website which sports a shiny black interface. The Vevo pins are a hit – just like Vevo and the artists who’s videos we’ve seen on the Vevo website.

Darker silver plating