If you are ordering custom lapel pins, you should learn a little about lapel pin production. In this article, I will explain what you need to know to get started.

Lapel Pin Production Process

Offset Printed Lapel Pins That Meet Brand Identity Standards

There are many different ways to produce custom lapel pins, depending upon your budget and timeframe for delivery. In fact, there are so many different types of lapel pin production processes that it can make your head spin. I’m going to break it down to the basics, and spare you the complicated nonsense. You can find which lapel pin production meets your needs based on the outline below. Which one sounds like you?

I Need Pins Really Fast!

Order Rush Pins from Pins Fast. These pins are already made, but they are blank. To get your custom image onto the blank “rush” pins, we apply a high resolution decal and seal it with an acrylic laminate. The pre-made blank pins come in a variety of shapes and sizes: round, rectangle and square. They’re all about 1″ in size and will have a silver edge around the image. We’ve received more positive reviews of our rush pins than any other type of pins that we make. That’s probably because we make them in less than 24 hours, guaranteed. The quality is also very nice, and many people cannot tell the difference between a rush pin and an offset printed pin, which I will talk about next.

I Have Specific Brand Identity Standards For My Pins:

Many corporations and organizations have brand identity standards (such as a logo) which cannot be altered for the sake of a lapel pin. If your custom lapel pins must adhere to brand identity standards then you should order offset printed lapel pins. Offset printed lapel pins use the four-color-process method of printing, or CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). If you have specific pantone colors, we can use the closest CMYK mix of colors to match them.

Offset printed lapel pins are custom shaped to match your brand or logo. We make a mold and then stamp out each pin from a sheet of metal. It’s just like a cookie cutter, but with about 10,000 lbs of force. After the metal is shaped, we apply an epoxy to the surface to make it shiny (also called a glossy finish). The epoxy also protects the printed surface from scratches and slightly magnifies the image.

Offset printed lapel pins usually arrive about 1 week after you order. During the summer, it can take longer because of the high demand. If you are very concerned about the deadline, you should order our Rush Pins instead.

I Want Highly Detailed Custom Lapel Pins:

Again, offset printing would be the way to go. Offset printing allows us to print very fine details such as hairlines or small text. We can also print gradients and drop shadows which are typically seen in web 2.0 style logos (like our logo). If you have a tight deadline, our Rush Pins also have a high degree of detail.

I Want Custom Lapel Pins With Shiny Metal And Bright Colors:

Ah, you want custom lapel pins that look like jewelry with polished metal and vivid colors? You want Enamel Pins. The important thing to know about enamel pins is that they are hand-made. The metal is die-struck like a coin, and then the artist hand-colors it. This hand-coloring process cannot be rushed. If we rushed it, no-one would be satisfied with the final product.

Enamel Lapel Pins can be produced in many different ways. The most popular types of enamel pins are Soft Enamel, followed by Hard Enamel. Now I know what you are thinking… why would you want a soft lapel pin? Don’t worry, the soft enamel is actually very hard. (I get asked this question a lot: “Are Your Pins Metal?”) All of our lapel pins are metal. In fact, I’ve never seen a lapel pin that was not metal!

If you are interested in enamel pins, you can read more about the differences between hard enamel and soft enamel on our Enamel Pins page.

I Want My Pins To Have Raised Metal Edges:

Soft Enamel pins and Die-Struck Pins have raised metal surfaces. The raised metal surface is created though the die-struck process, which is the same process used to make coins. The surface is bumpy, like a coin. Die struck pins and soft enamel pins are only different because the soft enamel pins are colored. Die struck pins are usually plated with gold, bronze or silver nickel, and they can be antiqued in order to bring out the details more. Either way, you will be able to see the raised and recessed metal on the surface of your pins.

Rules of Lapel Pin Production:

Please remember that we are all working together to make your custom lapel pins. If your lapel pins are ever defective or incorrect, we will replace them for free. We care very much about our customers, but we cannot be given the run-around. Here are some important things to NEVER do when ordering your custom lapel pins:

Whoops, Changed My Mind

Sometimes, a customer orders custom lapel pins and then changes their mind after ordering them. It could be a spelling error, a wrong pantone color or maybe they found a cheaper quote somewhere else (usually a bait-and-switch tactic with hidden fees). By the time you order, your pins are already in production and all sales are final. These rules are the industry-standard and you can find them on all the other websites too (if they even care to tell you). Please make sure that when you order online, the digital proof (artwork) looks correct and there are no spelling errors. Sometimes, we don’t know if you meant to spell it that way or not. Logos and brands can sometimes be mis-spellings of popular words. It is your responsibility to check it over and we cannot do it for you.

Get This Other Guy To Make It

Please remember that if you are getting a competitive quote from another pin company, do not share our design with them. Our artists have bills to pay like everybody else. If you send our artwork to another company you are in violation of our copyright laws. Other companies are usually wary of customers who steal art anyways. The artwork is free to share with your friends though, and we provide social media share buttons on the bottom of each proof page.

When In Doubt, Order Pins Fast’s Rush Pins!

If you are concerned about a deadline, please order our Rush Pins. The price is not much more for the guarantee that you will receive them in 72 hours or less (if paying for overnight shipping, 48 hours). With 24 hour guaranteed production time, we are the fastest in the industry. Making lapel pins fast is our niche. We even have special equipment that no-one else has. Many customers have thanked us as if their life depended on it. We are always happy to help!