Pins Fast offers almost every type of custom lapel pin imaginable, but because of our namesake (Pins Fast) we see a high demand for Rush Lapel Pins. After a decade of trying many different ways to meet this demand, we have settled with Acrylic pins because of their flexibility.

Enamel vs. Acrylic
Acrylic Pins (on the left), can be made to imitate Enamel Pins (on the right). Top right image shows soft enamel, and bottom right image shows hard enamel pins for the “Hunt A Killer” game. Acrylic substitutes were needed during the Chinese New Year of 2020 and subsequent COVID-19 Pandemic. Our Acrylic “Rush Lapel Pins” are Made in the U.S.A.

We Sell Enamel Pins Too!

In addition to the Acrylic Rush Pins that we make in the USA, we also offer the traditional Enamel Pins such as Hard Enamel Pins just like the other pin companies do. In fact, we are industry insiders who know all about the pin design process and manufacturing process for enamel pins. We also know that acrylic plastic can never be compared to die-struck, all metal – enamel pins which can take about 7 to 10 business day to arrive.

What Are Acrylic Pins?

Acrylic pins are a unique U.S. product which is best for tight deadlines or low prices and small quantities. When there is not enough time to make enamel pins, Acrylic pins can serve as a substitute.

Acrylic is a Type of Plastic

Acrylic pins are plastic! Enamel Pins Are Metal! We offer both acrylic pins and enamel pins, but only acrylic pins can be rushed.

Metal Pins with Enamel Colors

Enamel Pins are metal pins with enamel colors. Enamel coloring of custom lapel pins requires a workforce of skilled craftspeople. Each enamel pin must be die-struck with a 10,000 Lbs press and then painstakingly colored by hand. Some machines exist that can help with the coloring process, but that ultimately requires even more attention.

Enamel Pins are Not Fast

Bottom line is, enamel pins aren’t going to happen overnight. They are hand-made works of art which require a global team of expert pin designers and craftspeople to produce. Enamel pins should not be rushed, because that will disaffect the quality.

Craftspeople Who Enamel Pins Deserve Respect

Craftspeople choose to enamel pins because they enjoy the craft. It is a harmonious way of life that should be deeply respected and appreciated. We support the craftspeople who enamel your custom pins. We work closely with them to establish a professional business relationship though trust, cooperation and mutual respect. We do not rush them, because we want the quality to be excellent.

A special note to baseball trading pin customers: Due to extremely high demand, orders of SOFT ENAMEL PINS in the months of May, June and July cannot be guaranteed BY ANY COMPANY to meet your deadline. Please accept a replacement order of Acrylic Rush Lapel Pins if your order of Enamel pins is delayed.

When To Order Enamel Pins

When you receive a free design and quote link from us for enamel pins, that means you should order online right away. Some customers decide to wait a few weeks until it is only days before their event and then order online without talking to us. We are not just trying to make the sale, we also want you to order right away to ensure you can receive them on time for your event or purpose. Please communicate with us about your deadline.

Enough Time For Enamel Pins Replacements

It is best to order at least a month in advance. Enamel pins may arrive in 2 weeks but what if there is a mistake? If you order a month in advance, then we will have time to send replacements.

Disruptions For Enamel Pins

Enamel pins can be impractical for deadlines and events, especially during these uncertain times. It is difficult for a business to invest in the production of your pins, only to see the order cancelled because of a disruption.

Acrylic pins solve this problem because they can arrive within a few days and can be quickly replaced if anything is wrong. That’s why acrylic pins are more practical than enamel pins for upcoming events.

Acrylic Pins Are Printed and Laser-Cut

Acrylic Pins do not require a mold or a die like enamel pins do because each acrylic pin is custom shaped with a laser. This means that small quantity orders can be produced without a setup fee. Laser cutting your pins also reduces the time needed for setup and production. The artist who designs your pins also creates a production ready art file for the printer and laser. Once you order Acrylic pins, the file is automatically sent to the printer and the laser machines.

Our Acrylic Pins Are Made In The U.S.A.

The manufacturing of Acrylic pins does not require a global supply chain. In fact, all of our Acrylic pins are made in house. This helps us to prevent mistakes that can lead to costly delays.

Acrylic Rush Pins Can Be Replaced Quickly

Acrylic pins can be replaced very quickly if there are any defects or if a disaster causes them to be destroyed. If the package of acrylic pins is not arriving on time due to COVID-19 disruptions or riots in your area, we can make a new batch and overnight it to a different address.

Acrylic Pin Styles

Acrylic pins can be produced with many colors of semi-translucent acrylics. Acrylic pins can also feature a metal surface which allows them to look like metal pins. We love to experiment with acrylic pins and light them up with LED lights. We have even used a glow-in-the-dark acrylic material which lights up in strange ways during the production process (under UV lamp and during laser amalgamation)

Acrylic Pins Are A New Artistic Medium

We hope that creative professionals will see the opportunity in acrylic pins and begin to design pins for production as acrylic. Because acrylic pins are more practical for events in the U.S., perhaps it is time to learn more about the best practices when designing an acrylic pin. If you are a creative professional interested in acrylic pins, please talk with our designers at 1-877-6-DESIGN. We can help you to understand how best to utilize this new and exciting artistic medium.

When To Order Acrylic Pins

If you need a rush order of custom pins you should order our acrylic Rush Lapel Pins (Not Enamel Pins). Acrylic pins are made in the U.S.A. in order to meet your tight deadline. Acrylic pins are also ideal for low quantity orders.

Acrylic pins are a more practical solution when you have a deadline because production time can be as little as 24 hours. If there is a mistake, replacements can be shipped the next day. We market these types of acrylic pins as Rush Lapel Pins, but they are essentially just Acrylic pins.

Acrylic Pins are custom made without a mold of die, because the laser does the cutting and shaping of the pins directly from the file. This makes custom Acrylic Pins a practical solution for low quantity orders of 10 pins or more. If ordering very small quantities under 50, we only ask that your art files be print-ready.

How To Learn More

We are updating our website each day now. After years of fine tuning the process of manufacturing acrylic pins, we must now teach the world about them. Please check back at for more details as we publish more photos, videos and helpful tutorials.

We will also be explaining the global supply chain for enamel pins, and why it is important to be respectful towards the craftspeople. It is also important for you to know the different metals involved and the different quality of pins that can result from base metal materials used in production.

In the meantime, please check out our YouTube Channel: