COVID Warrior Pins

Covid Warrior Lapel Pins 3

3 thoughts on “COVID Warrior Pins”

  1. Robert – It turns out there are actually two different hues of blue in the shield background with the stars, The left half of the shield matches the blue of the writing and the wings on the top. The right half is a lighter blue. I am working on getting the three correct PMS colors and a better version of the artwork where those two shades of blue are easier to see to you as soon as possible. You may hear directly from my colleague Courtney. We are proceeding with the order once this correction is made.

  2. Peter McKenna

    Sorry for any misunderstanding Robert, but the white stars on the shield need to go back in. Courtney took them off simply to better show you the two colors of the blue that are used to create the shield, but the white stars are still part of the design. If you can make that last correction we will be good to go.

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