ASI Lapel Pins Proof 2

ASI Pins

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3 thoughts on “ASI Lapel Pins Proof 2”

  1. The web site keeps coming up with 1.25″
    I want 1″ (one inch)

    I have asked a few times but have not yet been definitively told that you can make these and get them to me no later Sun 05 Sep. PLEASE TELL ME.

    Color looks great -thanks

    • I cannot pay for this order until it is correctly represented and someone confirms that you can get the pins to me by Sun 05 Sep. PLEASE CONFIRM THE FOLLOWING:
      Arrival NLT 05 Sep
      one inch (1″) size
      25 Pins

  2. design is fine. everything else is wrong.
    wrong size
    wrong quantity
    wrong due-by date.
    I’d love to buy these from you but you need to fix this and confirm delivery date. Please call me.


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