Award Pins for Employees

Large corporations such as Amtrak know that it is a great idea to order award pins for employees before the end of the year. Award pins can greatly increase employee morale. Sometimes award pins for employees become keepsakes and collectors items in years to come.

Award Pins for Employees of Amtrak

Amtrak Employee Recognition Pins

When Amtrak needed award pins for it’s 22,000 employees they trusted Pins Fast. Pins Fast specializes in large orders of lapel pins. Our experience and knowledge allows us to deliver a high volume of custom lapel pins to major corporations in a timely manner. Amtrak’s deadline was approaching fast so we sent them a free design and quote for offset printed lapel pins. Offset printed lapel pins can be produced much faster than other types of lapel pins but have the same high standard of quality. Our skilled illustrator Robert Bennett designed a printed pin with original vector artwork in a matter of hours. Adding Robert’s original artwork to the design further increased the quality and value.

The employees of Amtrak were very thankful to have an original illustration of an Amtrak train on their custom pins. Many of the employees expressed their thanks and we received the following testimonial:

“Thank you again. The employees feedback is wonderful. Rob they loved the design. We are already thinking about next year…”

Yolonda Scales-Horton
Amtrak Employee Relations Officer

Ordering Online

Ordering award pins for employees is a simple process with Pins Fast. We know you have other things to do and we never want to burden you with endless forms and contracts. Our online order form allows you to order your award pins in a safe and secure environment. Each transaction is securely processed by Pins Fast is a member of the Better Business Bureau and as such we must adhere to a higher standard of customer satisfaction. We go out of our way to make sure you feel confident when ordering custom award pins for employees who deserve a pat on the back.

To make sure our customer was pleased with the pins, we even sent pictures directly from our factory. These pictures show the final product and help us to eliminate any errors or misunderstandings. It also gives our customers a piece-of-mind to know their pins are on the way. With so many fly-by-night pin companies online, we must take these extra steps to assure our customers that Pins Fast is a dependable household name for custom lapel pins.

Delivery Savings

Pins Fast can save you time and money in shipping and packaging your award pins. We can arrange something if you need award pins delivered multiple locations in the U.S.. Call 1-877-633-7446 to talk about payment options for shipping to multiple locations. If you have a corporate account with FedEx or UPS we can use your corporate account number to ship them. Using a large corporation’s shipping account is more efficient and helps you save on overall expenses. With this special arrangement, Pins Fast was able to quote the Amtrak award pins at almost half the price of our competition. Awarding employees does not have to be expensive or wasteful.

Special Packaging Options for Award Pins

Pins Fast has several different options for the presentation of award pins for employees. Amtrak wanted each lapel pin to be pinned to a custom card. Pins Fast exceeded expectations and delivered each lapel pin pinned to a custom printed card. Each pin was bagged with the card so that there was no additional assembly required. Other options include special acrylic cases, jewelry boxes and of course our standard poly bags.

Amtrak employee award pins with backing card

Whenever you need a high volume of corporate lapel pins, you should trust Pins Fast. Pins Fast has supplied quality lapel pins to other major corporations, institutions and organizations such as the Special Olympics and the U.S. Army. We are ready and standing by to send a you free design and quote. Just fill out our simple quote form or give us a call at 1-877-633-7446. We can answer any questions you may have. We are so grateful for the opportunity to award other hard-working Americans with high quality lapel pins.