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When you want to make a coin for your military unit or corporate enterprise it is a challenge coin. They are a way to symbolize your common cause or mission statement within a group of any kind. It is an honor for someone to own a challenge coin that encompasses the ideals of a great organization, company or unit.

Custom coins can be made with color on one side, both sides or no color at all.

There is speculation about the origin of the challenge coin. These military coins are a tradition that goes back several generations to World War I when a young lieutenant decided to commemorate his flying squadron. One of the coins he issued reportedly saved a pilot later when his plane was shot down. The pilot was captured but escaped and donned civilian clothes. Without any identification, his inconspicuous coin saved his life when the French allies mistook him for an enemy German.


The “challenge” seems to begin in post World War II Germany. When soldiers gathered at the local pub, a challenge began among them to present the near worthless local currency, the “Pfennig” coins, available in one’s possession. If a soldier did not have these “Pfennig” coins, it was because they had real U.S. money – and they should buy drinks for everyone! The tradition endures to this day, when a member of a group drops a challenge coin on the counter, the other members must pay for the drinks if they cannot produce the “challenged” coin.

Giving someone a challenge coin sometimes involves a formal ceremony sometimes because it is way for leaders to invite someone into a membership or secret club. During the ceremony, the leaders pass the coin from one hand to another with a special handshake. Pins Fast provides different packaging options to help with presentation.

We offer a free challenge coin design and quote. Please click the boton below to start the free coin design process.

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Challenge coins typically come in 3 sizes, 1.5 inch – 1.75 inch and 2 inch. We fill coins with up to 7 colors on one side, or both sides.

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