Die Struck Lapel Pins


Pins Fast offers an imitation die struck style that can be applied to pins in only a day. We call this our "Die Struck Style" because the printed styles and effects resemble actual die struck pins. To the untrained eye there is no difference between our imitation die struck pins when compared to a normal die struck pin. We use a reflective metal microsurface to enhance the printed effects. These pins are a perfect substitute when actual die struck pins cannot meet your deadline.

Our imitation die struck style has been used on television and media events when actual die struck pins could not be made in time. Even celebrities wear our imitation die struck style pins to their high profile media events without anyone knowing the difference!

Die Struck Style Printed Pins Fast

For tight deadlines it can be impossible to receive die struck pins in less 7 business days. With our signature technique we can fulfill your order within 24 hours or less. PinsFast die struck style 3D pins are always printed in the USA. We offer the same plating and styles that closely match authentic die struck pins.

Authentic die struck pins require additional production time, so in order to avoid confusion we do not offer them on PinsFast. If you must have authentic die struck pins please visit our partner site LapelPinDesign.com


Etched Die Struck Style

Die Struck Pins Are A Great Value!

Includes FREE design, FREE shipping and FREE mold.
FREE Butterfly clutch.
FREE plastic bag packaging included.

Die Struck Rush Pin Prices:

3/4 Inch$3.23$2.63$2.41$2.19$2.11$2.04
1 Inch$3.34$2.74$2.50$2.28$2.19$2.13
1 1/4 Inch$3.43$2.83$2.59$2.37$2.28$2.22
1 1/2 Inch$3.58$2.98$2.74$2.52$2.43$2.37

*If you are looking to order more than 1,000 rush pins please contact us at: 1-877-6-DESIGN (633-7446) or info@pinsfast.com