Soft Enamel Pins

Soft Enamel Pins

Soft Enamel Pins are not actually “Soft”, so don’t let the name fool you because these are hard metal pins. Soft Enamel pins are Die Struck metal pins with liquid enamel colors. The soft liquid colors are hardened in a kiln before shipping.

To make ordering these pins easier, we offer a free design and quote!

Why Order Soft Enamel Pins?

Soft Enamel pins are the most popular type of custom pins because they really (literally) stand out! They also have a durable, metal construction that will last for many years. The “raised metal” part stands out in a unique way with platings of gold, silver, black metal, gunmetal, rainbow (iridescent), antiqued metal or dyed as a color.

soft enamel pins plating options
Soft Enamel pins can have many different types of plating including black metal plating as shown above.

These are the most popular types of custom pins available because of the raised surfaces. These pins have more impact because of the tactile sensation you get when you brush your fingers across the surface.

soft enamel pins

Soft Enamel Pins can achieve the highest detail when compared to hard enamel pins because the “soft” liquid enamel can fill tighter spaces. They are the ideal choice for small flag pins, ribbon pins and employee recognition pins because they can achieve greater detail.

soft enamel employee recognition pins

We can email you a digital mock-up of your soft enamel pin design. To get started, just click the Free Design & Quote button!

Stop waiting for your graphics person to design pins when we offer a fast, free design and quote service from the pin design experts at Pins Fast!

How Soft Enamel Pins are Different

The informational graphic above shows how Soft Enamel pins are made. After coloring your pins, the liquid soft enamel is fired in a kiln in order to make it hard.

Hard Enamel vs. Soft Enamel

After firing, the soft enamel colors fall back into the recessed areas of the metal pin, as shown. Hard Enamel stays flush with the surrounding metal to create a smooth, polished surface.

Get A Fast, Free Design & Quote

Our designers know the exact tolerances when setting up your design for production so that we can give you an accurate proof before or after you order. The process is simple, just click the Free Design & Quote button below to get an accurate proof showing what your pins will look like.

Why Get A Free Design & Quote?

Getting a Free Design & Quote only takes a few minutes of your time and gives you a better understanding of what your pins will look like. We only ask for your contact information so that we can email or text you a free design. It usually takes the designer less than 1 hour to complete your custom pin design and quote.

Custom Pins Fast

Pins Fast makes the fastest pins because we have our own factory in the United States. Domestic production allows us to guarantee any deadline because we don’t rely on overseas supply chains that often fail. For the right price, we can even make thousands of custom pins in a matter of hours and deliver them to you by tomorrow. To learn more, please visit our Rush Pins page, or request a free design & quote:

Soft Enamel Pins Cheap

Pins Fast is offering Soft Enamel Pins at more than 20% off normal prices (for non-rush orders). Because we have our own factory in the U.S.A., we are able to offer wholesale pricing to our customers. Why rely on a middle-man to make your pins?

To get them cheap it is best to order early and avoid rush fees. To get started, please click the “Free Design & Quote” button below.

Please don’t delay! The faster you order, the lower the price will be. To see our prices, just click the Free Design & Quote button above and tell us more about what you need.

Pin Designs

Pins Fast is the world leader in Free, Custom Pin Designs. We have over thousands of free, custom pin designs to browse. Many of our previous designs are free for the general public to view. We hope that these images can help to inspire your designs as well.

If you see a design but you want us to change it, just let us know by filling out the Free Design & Quote Button!

Pin Design Options

Soft Enamel pins can feature a wide variety of metal plating types, attachments and packaging options. A magnetic clutch offers an alternative way to attach your pin. Bar magnets are ideal for larger pins because they have a stronger magnetic field.

Tired of the standard military grade butterfly clutch? Soft enamel pins can also have rubber clutches of almost any color, just ask.

The finished pins can be more presentable with special packaging options including velvet bags and cases.

The Pins Fast Advantage:

Pins Fast works hard to win your business. We can offer much more than other pin companies because we have our own factory in the USA. Here are just a few examples of how we can offer more:

  • Rush Pins ON TIME.
  • Free design & quote.
  • Free shipping.
  • Any shape or size.
  • Greater detail is possible.
  • Raised surfaces give a tactile sensation.
  • More plating options are available.
  • Low minimum order quantities.
  • Discounts for repeat orders.
  • No supply chain problems.
  • Made in the U.S.A.!

Pins Guaranteed On-Time

We know you need custom Pins Fast because we hear from you every day. That’s why we manufacture Rush Pins in the USA with guaranteed production times. With Pins Fast Rush Pins there are never delays due to customs clearance, NO supply chain problems and NO back-orders.

The Pins Fast Solution

Other pin companies giving you the runaround? We offer solutions, not excuses. Pins Fast differs from other pin companies because we actually deliver on our promises. At Pins Fast, we offer the solution of US Manufacturing, and we are proudly leading the way. Pins Fast pins are 100% Made in the U.S.A. with U.S. materials and labor.

The Pins Fast US Factory

Our factory is located in Greenville, South Carolina because this location allows us to deliver to anywhere in the United States without delay. We can also deliver to Canada and other countries quickly by using our FedEx international shipping account. We do not experience delays in shipping because there are no geopolitical barriers for the shipping of domestic goods.

Why We Make Pins in the USA

Other companies who make your pins overseas experience many delays from COVID-19 restrictions, factory closures, Chinese holidays, and supply chain bottlenecks. These geopolitical issues make convenient excuses for our competitors.

quality soft enamel pins

Pins Fast is different because we have the newest equipment to make your pins in the United States. That gives us more oversight into the production of your custom soft enamel pins so that we can ensure the highest quality possible. To get your soft enamel pins, just fill out our free design & quote form by clicking the button below:

Pins Fast is your ally in custom pin manufacturing because we guarantee the quality of our product with our Manufacturer’s Guarantee. To get started, please fill out the Free Design & Quote form today!

Soft Enamel Pin Production Times

Typical turnaround time for Soft Enamel Pins is 7-10 days. You need pins faster than that so at Pins Fast we invented a new kind of pin that is Always On-Time:

How To Get Soft Enamel Pins Fast

To make Pins Fast, we invented a new type of custom pin called Laser-Cut Rush Pins that can be any shape or size and may even be produced to look like soft enamel pins!

Repeat customers who order our Laser-Cut Rush Pins include prestigious brands such as Disney, PepsiCo, Cisco, Microsoft, T-Mobile, AT&T & Google. If our Laser-Cut Rush Pins are good enough for them then we think it can work for you too. To get started, just click the Free Design & Quote button below and let us know your deadline.

Stop getting Soft Enamel pins late and try our Laser-Cut Rush Pins that are Always On-Time!

Contact us anytime.

If you want to contact us directly with your design ideas or questions, send us an email or call us today.

To get started with an order of custom pins, we recommend clicking the “Free Design & Quote” button below to fill out our web form. Filling out the web form immediately notifies the artists and craftspeople that you are interested.

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