die-struck pins

Die struck lapel pins are made of quality metal. Instead of using colors to fill the design, the impression of your design is struck into the metal to create recessed areas and raised edges similar to a coin.

Die Struck Metal Pins are a classic favorite that gives your organization’s logo a timeless look. These archetypal metal pins can look ancient and weathered or polished, modern and chic. The final look depends on the design and plating type.

Die struck pins have recessed areas which can also be filled with enamel colors. Die Struck pins can be left uncolored given antiqued plating such as antiqued gold, antiqued copper or antiqued silver.

Antiqued Die Struck Pins

Without the antiqued effect, it can be difficult to read a shiny metal pin. To correct this, the plating can be “antiqued” in order to add darker areas to the image “struck” into the metal. In order to add the antiqued effect, the pins are dipped in a layer of black “oxidized” die after the metal plating process. Then the black oxidation layer is brushed away from the surface but the brush cannot reach the deep furrows struck into the metal. The final result is a brushed metal pin with dark areas left in the furrows to give definition and contrast.

Antiqued Die Struck Pins are ideal for colorless designs which contain small letters or details that would be unreadable without darkening. Die struck pins may then be “enameled” with vivid enamel colors, giving you the best of both worlds.

Plating Options for Die Struck Pins

Die struck lapel pins can be hand-crafted in one of the following metals/finishes:

  • Black metal plating
  • Silver nickel plating
  • Gold metal plating
  • Bronze metal
  • Copper metal
  • Black nickel plating

To get started with your Die Struck Pins, just fill out the instant quote form. You will see an instant price quote generated just for you. If you need these pin in a rush, the cost for rush can be added to the quote. The form is very short and simple, so please don’t delay and fill out the instant quote for today!

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