Dracut Dirt Dogs Trading Pins Proof 2


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    2 thoughts on “Dracut Dirt Dogs Trading Pins Proof 2”

    1. Hi, my husband liked your design so final couple of edits and then we will place the order:
      1) can you write: 13U on the baseball that is on the bat?
      2) can you re-order the kid’s baseballs name and numbers:
      So left to right:
      Tyler 12,
      Tommy 50,
      Cam 34,
      Josh 19,
      Ben 91,
      JJ 99,
      Brenden 13,
      Devin 6,
      Tom 22,
      Riley 4
      3) where the 2020-2021 is, can you show us that in a different color? Maybe the dark gray you had there on proof 1 or something else you think of? It might be fine as is, just would like to see if better in that dark gray/different color. If you could give us 2 proofs maybe 3A and 3B, where 3A leaves the 2020-2021 background color in gold and 3B where it is in the dark gray or another color. That way we can go to print with one of your proofs and don’t have to ask you for another edit on that part if the new color doesn’t look as good as the gold.

      4) one of the colors on the side of the proof says “magenta”. Just checking, is that color on the pin really red? Magenta seems more dark pink to me and we wouldn’t want pink so just making sure the color on the pin is red and not magenta!

      5) is there a glittery color available? I thought I saw one on your website but it might have been a different type of pin. If a glittery color is available, it might look good on the light blue banner. (Totally fine if not available).

      Thank you for all your hard work and expertise! You made a beautiful pin!


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