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Hard Acrylic Lapel Pins

Hard Acrylic lapel pins are a high quality, affordable option to promote your name brand or organization. Hard Acrylic is an exclusive production method pioneered by the engineers at Pins Fast. Hard Acrylic greatly resembles the traditional production methods known as hard enamel or Cloisonné.

Cloisonné and Hard Enamel Pins

Cloisonné is the ancient Chinese art of melting colored sand into glass. True cloisonné is very rare because most US pin companies sell "hard enamel" under the term Cloisonné. True Cloisonné is a jewelry process using precious metals that is far too expensive for modern promotional products. Cloisonné takes a long time to produce and is impractical for many modern promotions.

Hard enamel is the the modern Chinese method of hand coloring a die struck lead/iron alloy with an enamel called epola. Rows of displaced Chinese workers hand-fill epola into the recessed areas of a die struck lead pin. Hard enamel production is outdated and now replaced by US Made "Hard Acrylic".

Hard Acrylic Pins FAST!

We do not use Chinese workers and we make all of our Hard Acrylic pins in the USA. Hard Acrylic pins can be manufactured in a single day and overnighted to your location almost anywhere in the world!

Hard Acrylic is a great type of lapel pin for formal occasions. Hard Acrylic pins are available at a fraction of the cost of hard enamel pins that other pin companies offer. Because Hard Acrylic pins are made from lightweight composite microsurface metals, we can also reduce the cost of shipping.

Hard Acrylic lapel pins from Pins Fast are produced to arrive on-time for prestigious events and ceremonies. We've delivered our Hard Acrylic pins to the capitol building and they have been seen on television!

Our Hard Acrylic lapel pins are produced to high standards under strict guidelines of quality control. Our pins carry our name, that's why we pay such close attention to the quality and we always make them right here in the USA .

When you call on us to produce hard acrylic lapel pins we take great pride in the beauty of our creation. We know our reputation is going to be sealed in the quality of our craftsmanship and the safety of our product. We do not employ Chinese overseas slave labor but instead rely on American technology and innovation. Relying on advanced technology and proprietary techniques, we make Acrylic Pins cheaper and faster without reducing quality.

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Hard Acrylic Lapel Pins Prices

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Hard Acrylic Lapel Pin Design

When it comes to your hard acrylic lapel pin design you can rely on Pins Fast for high quality lapel pin designs. We make your hard acrylic pins a top priority in our design department. Within a few moments of receiving your request, we will begin the design of your hard acrylic lapel pins. Once the hard acrylic lapel pins design is complete, we will email it to you along with a free quote. There is no obligation to buy the design, it’s our pleasure. Find out about your free art & quote by filling out our form to the right.