Hard Enamel Pins

Hard Enamel Pins are the most traditional custom lapel pins. They are ideal for business attire or tuxedos because they have the polished feel of custom jewelry. Also called “Cloisonné”, these quality pins are traditionally made by carefully filling recessed areas of die-struck metal with a pigmented sand and then melting the sand into glass.

Gold lapel pins that have high contrast for emphasis.

Hard Enamel pins have a smooth surface that stays flush with the surrounding metal. The best designs tend to be elegant patterns with colors that contrast the metal plating, since each color is separated by a metal border.

Hard Enamel Pin Designs

Hard Enamel Pins from Pins Fast are sure to make an impression thanks to our many years of experience designing custom lapel pins. The design process requires a firm understanding of the tolerances and capabilities of the materials involved. If you have a design in mind, or even just an idea – we are eager to show you a Free Design & Quote. To get started, just fill out the Free Design & Quote form by clicking the button below.

Hard Enamel Pins Fast

If you need Hard Enamel Pins Fast you’ve come to the right place. We make pins in the United States much faster than you could receive from overseas. We can guarantee any deadline because we don’t rely on unreliable overseas supply chains. We can even manufacture thousands of custom pins in less than 24 hours!

Get A Fast Free Design & Quote.

To get started with a Rush Order of Hard Enamel pins, please fill out the Free Design & Quote form. Our designers are standing by to make your design or idea into production ready art. Artwork turnaround times are typically less than 1 hour, and we will respond immediately to your request during normal business hours.

Hard Enamel Pins Cheap

If you need Hard Enamel Pins Cheap, we offer them at more than 10% off normal prices (for non-rush orders). Because we have our own factory in the U.S.A., we are able to offer wholesale pricing for high quality pins. Pins Fast will beat any price offered by our competitors. If you see a price that is higher than our competitors, just let us know and we will beat it by another 5%.

Pins Cheap Rule #1: Order Early

To get Hard Enamel Pins Cheap it is best to order early to avoid rush fees. To get started, please click the “Free Design & Quote” button below. Even if you only have a rough draft, we offer a free art service to make your design or idea production-ready in less than an hour. There is no obligation to buy, but it helps to see what your pins can look like before your order.

To see our prices, please fill out the Free Design & Quote form by clicking the button below.

Options for Hard Enamel Pins

Hard Enamel Pins have many different options available. You can select from a variety of attachment types and plating options. There are also unique packaging options which are ideal for gifts and awards.

Hard Enamel Pins Plating Options

  • Silver (nickel) plating
  • Gold plating
  • Black nickel plating
  • Copper plating

Attachment Options

  • Butterfly clutch (Free – standard)
  • Rubber clutch
  • Deluxe clutch
  • Jewelry clutch
  • Magnet
  • Bar Magnet (for larger sizes)
  • Safety pin (for larger sizes)

Packaging Options

  • Poly bags (Free)
  • Printed card stock
  • Clear plastic case
  • Velvet bag
  • Velvet jewelry case