Pins Fast Guarantee

Pins Fast Guarantees to ship your custom pins out in time to arrive by the date you need them. Pins Fast can even make your pins in 24 hours or less.

Get Pins By Your Due Date

When you order, just select the date you need to receive your pins by. The rush fee is then automatically added to your total price. Selecting more than 14 days from the current day will not incur any rush fee.

Made in the USA

Pins Fast Rush pins are Made in the U.S.A., so we can meet your deadline without having to worry about customs procedures.

Increase Production Rate for Larger Quantities

Large orders of 2000 or more custom pins can experience delays. To account for this, we offer the ability to increase the production rate for an additional fee.

Just enter 2000 quantity or more into the order form and a checkbox will automatically appear that says: “increase production rate”. Check the box and continue.

Selecting this box puts your order into production with multiple factories simultaneously in order to complete your larger order of pins fast.