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You have a brand identity guideline and your logo or design cannot change. Your logo or graphics aren’t easily produced as a die-struck / enamel pin however because they contain gradients or small lines. In addition, you may be facing a tough deadline for these pins. This can make you feel stressed wondering if your custom pins can even be produced on time.

Custom Printed Pins

Custom printed pins can be printed with any logo or graphic and cut into any exact shape so that you can keep the integrity of your brand identity. Printed pins are also produced much faster than the traditional die struck methods. Pins Fast specializes in custom printed pins that look great and help you meet your deadline. You feel accomplished as you meet your deadline with custom shaped pins that match your brand exactly.

Get started with your Custom Printed Pins:

  • Fill out the Free Design & Quote Form.
  • Follow the email link to your free design and let us know of any requested changes.
  • Order online using the email link and select the requested due date prior to purchase.

There are several different ways that we can print your custom pins depending on your needs. Please see the details below to understand which type of printing is best for you.

Laser-Cut Printed Rush Pins

When you need beautiful, custom shaped printed pins in a matter of days or even hours, Pins Fast has the ideal solution. Using lasers, we can cut your pins into any shape in a matter of hours instead of weeks. We can even print enamel colors and use special effects such as glitter and textured surfaces.

Pins Fast leads the industry in the production of Rush Pins that are not only fast but beautiful. You can feel relieved knowing that Pins Fast guarantees the production time of your Rush Pins.

Fill out the free design and quote form today and stop worrying about a deadline for custom pins!

For more information about our Rush Printed Pins, please visit our Rush Pins page.

Photodome Pins

Photodome pins are made by applying a sticker to a thick metal pin with gold or silver plating. The metal pin can be any custom shape or size.

Epoxy Dome

The sticker is sealed onto the metal pin with a glass-like epoxy dome. The epoxy dome is dried using an ultraviolet light which is how the “Photodome” process gets it’s name.

Rush Photodome Pins

Photodome pins can be produced in a rush, but rush orders are limited to basic shapes. Photodome pins are the most premium quality Rush Pins and available upon special request.

Photodome Pins
Photodome Pins

To get your own custom Photodome pins, please fill out the free design & quote form today!

Offset Printed Pins

Offset printed pins are made by printing your image or photo onto a custom shaped metal pin. After printing, the image is then sealed and protected with a glass-like epoxy dome to protect it from abrasion.

Offset printed pins are great when you need custom shaped metal pins that contain photos or complex graphics. Unfortunately, offset printed pins cannot be rushed, but our Rush Pins closely resemble offset printed pins.

Screen Printed Pins

Screen printing custom pins allows us to print up to 4 colors directly to a thick metal pin that is plated in gold or silver. The final result is a beautiful pin that resembles the quality of fine jewelry.

Printed Pins With Magnetic Clutch

Screen printed pins are made from thicker metal so a magnetic clutch is possible. Just comment on the Free Design & Quote form that you want screen printed pins with a magnetic clutch.

No Rush for Screen Printed Pins

Rush Production is not available for Screen Printed pins, but non-rush orders can receive 10% off with a coupon code.

Screen Printed Pins
Screen Printed Pins

To get screen printed pins, please fill out the Free Design & Quote form today!

Pins Fast Printed Pins

Pins Fast offers more types of printed pins than any other brand. We specialize in printing pins in order to meet tight deadlines around the world and we’ve been doing it since 2012. With so many types of printed pins to choose from, Pins Fast can help you to overcome the limitations of traditional pin production methods. You can feel grateful knowing that there is a pin company that specializes in your unique needs.

Contact us anytime.

If you want to contact us directly with your design ideas or questions, send us an email or call us today.

To get started with an order of custom pins, we recommend clicking the “Free Design & Quote” button below to fill out our web form. Filling out the web form immediately notifies the artists and craftspeople that you are interested.

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