Acrylic Pins Fast

Laser-Cut Rush Pins

Laser-Cut Rush Pins are pins that are custom shaped very quickly with a laser. With Laser-Cut Rush Pins, we can make your Pins Fast in the USA in a matter of days or even hours if necessary.

Rush Pins in Any Shape or Size

Using lasers we cut your Rush Pins into any shape that you want. If you need a rush order, we convert your existing pin design into a Rush Pin upon checkout. We also produce your Rush Pins in any style, so if you’ve received a quote for die struck / enamel pins we can instantly convert your existing artwork into a Rush Pin.

Laser-Cut Rush Pins can be any shape or size.

Rush Lapel Pins

Pins Fast lives up to our namesake by providing a way to receive high quality Rush Lapel Pins and Rush Trading Pins in a matter of hours, not weeks. If you need pins fast you can receive them on time with Pins Fast’s Rush Pins. To get started, just fill out the simple, Free Design & Quote form today!

Stop spending time worried of you will receive pins on time and get Pins Fast’s Rush Pins that are Always On-Time!

Trading Pins Fast

The Problem:

We know that you are a responsible coach or parent who needs trading pins on time for your pin trading event. The problem is, most traditional pins are produced with a mold or die, which takes time to produce. In addition, most companies ship from overseas which can delay the custom trading pins for weeks. For most people, it is impractical to order traditional custom trading pins that require weeks for production.

The Solution:

Pins Fast solves the longstanding problem of trading pin delays with our exclusive Laser-Cut Rush Trading Pins! Our Laser-Cut Rush Pins are Made in the USA, so you don’t have to worry about delayed shipments.

Rush baseball pins fast

Baseball Pins Fast

Pins Fast makes Rush Baseball Pins in the USA on time for your event. Now the kids can participate in the pin trading and everyone can experience the joy of pin trading!

baseball trading pins fast

To get started, please fill out the free design & quote button below:

Pins Fast offers an ingenious solution to the longstanding industry-wide problem of custom trading pin production delays. How do we do it?

Cutting Out Traditional Pins

Traditional (non-rush) pins require a custom die or mold in order to achieve a custom shape. Using a 10,000 LBS press, non-rush pins are carefully cut into shape by experienced workers. Due to safety concerns, these workers cannot cut out pins too fast.

Laser-Cut Rush Pins

Breaking from the slower traditional production methods, we use lasers and composite materials to shape your pins. Using lasers instead of a mold or die saves days of valuable production time and it’s completely safe for our craftspeople.

We can print your image using inks that dry to the surface instantly. Using this new technology enables us to produce Rush Trading Pins in the USA in less than 24 hours. All orders come with FREE FedEx overnight shipping to meet your due date.

laser cutting custom pins
Cutting pins for the 2022 Oscars!

Why We Make Rush Pins

We started making pins for youth baseball teams and other sports teams that needed trading pins by a certain date. We heard from our customers who begged us for a way to get custom trading pins fast for their team. Many of those customers were looking for baseball trading pins fast or softball trading pins fast. We decided to make baseball pins fast using lasers and they loved us for it!

Our unconventional approach to making custom Pins Fast with a laser worked! Now the players won’t feel left out and will be able to participate in the pin trading events for their tournaments. Once again, American ingenuity saves the day.

How We Grew

After we started making Baseball Pins Fast, we received requests from national brands such as Disney, Google, Amazon and PepsiCo! They must’ve heard about our pins from all those happy parents and coaches. Now, we make Rush Pins all-year round for a wide variety of purposes, including movies and star-studded events.

Pins Fast’s Rush Pins for the YouTube movie “Rocksteady Row”.

To get started, please fill out the instant quote form. Our artists are standing by to assist you with a free design. If you already have a design, you can upload it and order right away!

Contact us anytime.

If you want to contact us directly with your design ideas or questions, send us an email or call us today.

To get started with an order of custom pins, we recommend clicking the “Free Design & Quote” button below to fill out our web form. Filling out the web form immediately notifies the artists and craftspeople that you are interested.

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