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Laser-Cut Rush Pins

Laser-Cut Rush Pins are metal pins that are custom shaped very quickly with a laser. With Laser-Cut Rush Pins, we can make ANY Style of Pins including (Soft Enamel Style and Hard Enamel Style Pins) in the USA in a matter of days or even hours if necessary. We even offer a 24 Hour Guaranteed Turnaround so you can receive custom pins at your front door by tomorrow.

To get started, just fill out the free design and quote form by clicking the button below:

Our artists are standing by to send you a free design and quote for custom pins. We can send you a free pin design in less than 1 hour (during normal business hours). To get started, just click the Free Design & Quote button above.

If you already have a pin design, you can upload it and order right now using our instant quote form.

Rush Pins in Any Shape or Size

Other pin companies use blank metal shapes to make Rush Pins. You are stuck with a plain circle or a square-shaped pin that often looks contrived. Pins Fast solves this problem with our exclusive Laser-Cut Rush Pins.

Laser-Cut Rush Pins can be any shape or size.

Our Laser-Cut Rush Pins offer a high quality solution because they are custom shaped with a laser in a matter of hours, not weeks. Repeat customers include Disney, PepsiCo, Amazon and other familiar brands.

Using a laser, we cut your Rush Pins into any shape that you want. If you need a rush order, we convert your existing pin design into a Rush Pin upon checkout. We produce them in any style, so if you’ve received a quote for traditional die struck / enamel pins we can instantly convert your existing artwork into a Rush Pin with enamel colors that always arrives on time.

Rush Lapel Pins

Pins Fast lives up to our namesake by providing a way to receive high quality Rush Lapel Pins and Rush Trading Pins in a matter of hours, not weeks. If you have a deadline for custom pins, you can always receive them on time with Pins Fast. To get started, just fill out the simple, Free Design & Quote form today!

Eliminate stress from your life and order Pins Fast that are Guaranteed On-Time!

Trading Pins Fast

The Problem:

We know that you need trading pins on time because they are worthless if they arrive late for your pin trading event. Most traditional pins are produced with heavy machinery which is impractical because it takes too long for production. In addition, most companies ship from overseas which can delay the custom trading pins for weeks. For most people, it is impractical to order traditional custom trading pins which require weeks for production when they need pins in a matter of hours or days.

The Solution:

Pins Fast solves the longstanding problem of trading pin delays with our exclusive Laser-Cut Rush Trading Pins because they are produced in a matter hours! In addition to faster production, our Laser-Cut Rush Pins are Made in the USA so you don’t have to worry about delayed shipments. We worked to make the ultimate solution for you because you can’t trade pins if you don’t have them on time.

Rush baseball pins fast

Baseball Pins Fast

Pins Fast makes Rush Baseball Pins in the USA on time for your event. Now the kids can participate in the pin trading and everyone can experience the joy of pin trading!

baseball trading pins fast

To get started, please fill out the free design & quote button below:

Pins Fast offers an ingenious solution to the longstanding industry-wide problem of custom trading pin production delays. How do we do it?

Cutting Out Traditional Pins

Traditional (non-rush) pins are shaped with a custom die or mold in order to achieve a custom shape. Heavy machinery is used because tremendous force is required to shape the metal. Craftspeople cannot use heavy machinery in a rush because of safety concerns. We found a better way to make custom pins because traditional die-struck / enamel pins require at least 7-10 days.

Laser-Cut Rush Pins

We use lasers to make custom-shaped pins because it allows us to make pins fast without heavy machinery. Using lasers instead of a mold or die greatly reduces production time with a fully automated process. It also allows us custom shape your pins without heavy machinery which is completely safe for the craftspeople.

We print your enamel colors using inks that dry to the surface instantly instead of using traditional colors that take days to dry in a kiln. Using this new technology enables us to produce Rush Pins in the USA in less than 24 hours since we don’t have to wait for colors to dry. All orders come with FREE FedEx overnight shipping to meet your due date so you don’t have to worry about expensive shipping prices.

laser cut rush pins
Laser-cutting the Rush Pins

Why We Rush Trading Pins

You need baseball trading pins fast or softball trading pins fast because of upcoming pin trading events. We listen to our customers because custom trading pins cannot be used if they arrive late. We use advanced technology such as lasers and 3-d printers because traditional methods were not fast enough. For most people, it is impractical to order traditional die-struck pins which require at least 7-10 business days for production plus additional shipping time.

Making trading pins with a laser is much faster than using heavy machinery. The players and coaches don’t feel left out when they are able to participate in the pin trading. American ingenuity saves the day because we can offer a faster production method.

Fill out the free design and quote form today and get custom trading pins on time.

How We Grew

We receive repeat orders from national brands such as Disney, Google, Amazon and PepsiCo! Our customers help to spread the word because of our reliability. Now we make Pins Fast for a wide range of purposes because we are never late.

Pins Fast’s Rush Pins for the YouTube movie “Rocksteady Row”.

To get started, please fill out the Free Design & Quote form. Our artists are ready to assist you with a free pin design. If you already have a pin design, you can upload it and order right away!

Contact us anytime.

If you want to contact us directly with your design ideas or questions, send us an email or call us today.

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