Printed Pins

printed pins fast and cheap

Printed Pins from Pins Fast can be produced in as little as 5-7 business days. There are 3 main types of printed pins: Offset Printed Pins, Screen Printed Pins and Photo Dome Pins. Each type of printed pin has advantages depending upon your needs.

Offset Printed Pins

Offset Printed Pins can have any type of graphics or photo and may include small text or gradients. These types of pins can be made into any custom shape or size and feature stainless steel or brass as a base material. Your image is printed onto the metal and then cut to shape. After printing, a glass-like epoxy dome is added to protect the printed image.

Offset Printed Pins Fast

Offset Printed Pins are popular for their low price on high quantities and quicker turnaround times. They are lighter than Die Struck / Enameled Pins, and so shipping can be cheaper and friendlier to the environment. Offset Printed Pins can be used for employee recognition or events that have corresponding graphics printed in full color. Using the same graphics on the pins as other marketing materials can save valuable time on the design process.

Screen Printed Pins

Screen Printed Pins allow you to print your Pantone® Spot Colors directly onto the pins. These pins are die-stamped from a thick base metal such as brass or iron and then plated with gold, silver or copper. Then these little pins are carefully screen printed with your choice of 3 or 4 spot colors. Unlike Offset Printed Pins, a thicker metal base is used and so magnetic attachments are possible.

Screen Printed Pins for Promotions

Screen Printed Pins are popular for corporate events and themes which require designated spot colors. Screen Printing allows a logo to be printed without metal boundaries between colors as with Die Struck / Enameled Pins. This can make Screen Printed Pins the perfect brand identity solution for your next promotional event or gathering.

Photo Dome Pins

Photo Dome Pins offer the best of both worlds because they are a crossover between Offset Printed Pins and Screen Printed Pins. Photo Dome Pins feature photo realistic full-color printing and are printed onto a thicker base metal which can be plated in gold, silver or copper. After the printing, the pins are sealed with a clear epoxy dome, hence the name “Photo Dome”.

Pins For Personal Events

Photo Dome Pins were originally invented by Pins Fast for personal events on a tight deadline such as weddings, birthdays, sports tournaments and even celebrity funerals. Photo Dome Pins can be produced in any shape or size, but if you need Photo Dome Pins Fast we offer pre-cut metal shapes to reduce the production time. The Photo Dome Pins which feature pre-cut shapes are called Rush Photo Dome Pins.

Rush Pins That Look Like Enamel Pins

Our Rush Photo Dome Pins now feature amazing styles which look almost identical to Die Struck / Enameled pins. If you are on a tight deadline for custom enamel pins, let Pins Fast produce Photo Dome Rush Pins that look like the real thing.

How To Get Printed Pins Fast

To Get Started, please fill out the Instant Quote Form Today! You will be able to see your total price along with 15% off for ordering online. After you order, our skilled designers will email you a finalized production ready artwork file for your approval. Revisions are free, so if you see something you don’t like we are happy to make adjustments.

To get started with your Printed Pins, just fill out the instant quote form. You will see an instant price quote generated just for you. If you need these pin in a rush, the cost for rush can be added to the quote. The form is very short and simple, so please don’t delay and fill out the instant quote for today!