Rush Lapel Pins

rush lapel pins picturePins Fast makes custom rush lapel pins in 24-hours or less! There is no difference in quality.


Each "Rush Pin" is printed in the same way that our Offset Printed Pins are, but with a rush! We guarantee to make your Rush Pins in 24 hours or less and then ship them via FedEx 2nd Day Air! Overnight shipping is $80 extra.

Are Rush Lapel Pins Any Good?

Just because we make our lapel pins fast doesn't mean we neglect the quality. We produce our Rush Lapel Pins with the most advanced printing technology in the industry. Then we use another special machine to laminate them with a coating of epoxy, protecting them against normal wear-and-tear while brightening the colors.

Rush Lapel Pins

* Additional 24 hour production time is necessary for each concurrent quantity over 1000.

softball trading pins fast

Pins Fast manufactures 24-Hour Rush Lapel Pins right here in the U.S.A. The colors are vibrant and we can print with incredible detail. Our customers are often so satisfied that they re-order our 24-Hour Pins again and again. To get your custom 24-Hour pins fast, just click the button below to fill out the form.

Free Design & Quote

Special Options for 24-Hour Rush Lapel Pins


Our 24-Hour Guarantee appears on your artwork when it qualifies for 24-hour production.

We can create a fantastic "glimmer" effect on your rush pins. It's our secret method and nobody else can do it like we do. We are even working on a way to print lenticular animations (coming soon). Please talk to our sales associate for details about the special options that are available by calling 1-855-4-PINS-TODAY.

Limitations on 24 Hour Rush Lapel Pins

Metal takes extra time to form and cut. That's why we use pre-made metal shapes for our 24-Hour Rush Pins. We try to have as many shapes as possible, but some shapes are not available for 24-Hour Rush Pins. If you need a custom shape that we do not have, it can delay production up to 1 week. When quoting for a custom shape, we will remove the "24-Hour Guarantee" from the proof. This signifies that your printed pins no longer come with the 24-Hour Guarantee.

Ordering 24 Hour Rush Lapel Pins

If you need lapel pins fast (within a day or two) call 1-855-4-PINS-TODAY. You can also fill out our pin design and quote form. Please tell us about your design ideas and the date you need your 24-hour rush pins by. We will be able to email you a design and quote. Once you approve of the design you can order online or over the phone.

Order early to get the best shipping price. We can make the pins today and ship them tonight. Please allow time for shipping and let us know if you need overnight shipping, which is $80 extra. Alternatively, FedEx 2nd Day Air shipping is free.

Production begins immediately after payment is received so that they are completed in 24 hours or less! For an additional $80, FedEx Overnight shipping can be arranged so that your pins arrive the next day. In order to receive your pins the next day, you must let us know that you will need overnight shipping and we must have sufficient time. Please place your order as early as possible in the morning in order to receive your pins on the following day.

Baseball Trading Pins Fast

Baseball Trading Pins FastDo you need baseball trading pins fast for an upcoming baseball tournament that is just a day or two away? If you need trading pins fast we can help!

When it comes to rush baseball trading pins, no company beats Pins Fast. Our 24-Hour Trading Pins are designed and crafted by masters of the trade. We take your Youth Baseball or Softball team seriously. We can produce these premium quality trading pins in 24 hours or less*.

All you have to do is fill out the free quote form and let us design a rush pin for your approval.

Free Design & Quote

During summer months, we must ask for a design deposit because of such high demand for our 24-Hour Trading Pins! Once you approve the design, just purchase your pins online using the link that we send you though your email.

Pins Fast Rush Pins: Made In The U.S.A.

Rush Pins Made in the U.S.A.We take great pride in the quality of our 24-hour printed pins. We make them right here in South Carolina, U.S.A.! Making your lapel pins in the U.S.A. gives us oversight over your custom order so that we can guarantee 24-hour production time. By working on your pins directly, we are also able to hold them to a higher quality standard.

How we do it:

To make our 24-Hour Rush Lapel Pins, we print your image onto blank metal pins using ultra-violet inks. After printing to the metal we add a protective glossy layer of crystal clear epoxy laminate. Finally, U.S. workers carefully examine each pin for defects before shipping.

Why we do it:

It all started about ten years ago when we noticed that several youth sports teams were looking for a way to get pins in time for their tournaments. We engineered a way to make it happen. Now we also supply top quality rush pins for America's top brands and organizations. Let us know your pin design ideas or upload your art to our web form. You will hear back from us right away. Our artists are standing by, waiting for your request.

*Includes Free FedEx Air Shipping within the United States. Overnight Shipping is $80 Extra.