Trading Pins

Pins Fast makes trading pins in many different shapes and sizes. Some of our most popular trading pins are for softball or baseball. Trading pins are custom-made with your unique logo and ideas. You can add "extras" to increase their trade value. Just like other custom lapel pins, our trading pins are usually made with the Soft Enamel method. 

Soft Enamel Trading Pins are best when the design can be produced that way and/or the customer specifically requests it. Please keep in mind that soft enamel lapel pins are hand-made and require additional time during summer months. If you only have a few days left, please consider our rush trading pins.

Order Baseball Trading Pins

Ordering your trading pins from pins fast is easy. Our designers will work with you to design the baseball trading pins online you like with no obligation to buy. When you are satisfied with the design you can call us or order online. Get started with your no obligation trading pins design and quote today.

Trading Pins Pricing

Trading pins are priced by quantity and size. Please see the table below for prices:

1 1/2 Inch$2.38$1.93$1.72$1.43$1.36$1.29$1.22$1.14$1.10$1.06
1 3/4 Inch$2.61$2.12$1.87$1.61$1.53$1.48$1.42$1.24$1.20$1.16
2 Inch$2.80$2.28$2.07$1.83$1.75$1.68$1.64$1.46$1.42$1.38
2 1/4 Inch$3.75$3.26$2.95$2.70$2.62$2.54$2.48$2.30$2.25$2.18
2 1/2 Inch$4.38$3.92$3.61$3.36$3.28$3.20$3.14$2.96$2.91$2.86
2 3/4 Inch$4.90$4.34$4.02$3.76$3.68$3.59$3.51$3.33$3.27$3.24
3 Inch$5.40$4.79$4.47$4.21$4.13$4.04$3.96$3.78$3.72$3.68


Trading Pins Come With:

Includes FREE design, FREE shipping and FREE mold. NO Hidden Fees!

Pins Fast can produce rush baseball trading pins in 1 day for a $100 rush fee.

Soft enamel pins may require extra production time from May-August.

Each individual pin is packaged in a small ziplock bag at no additional charge.

Trading Pin Accessories

trading pins accessories

Baseball Trading pins with accessories are the most sought after pins at the Cooperstown and World Series trading events. Accessories on a pin such as "glitter" or "dangler" can increase it's trading value three fold. Everyone will want to trade your pins, and they may offer 3 or 4 of their own pins just to trade for a pin with these accessories.


Blinkers are exciting for young pin traders. Blinking lights can be set to blink on and off or manually blink at the push of a button found on the back of each pin.

Price: $1.00 per pin.
2 blinkers per pin: $1.75


Danglers can make trading pins stand out and they can feature additional information that might have cluttered the main pin design such as year or age group.

Price: $0.55 per pin.


Sliders are a favorite baseball trading pin accessory because we can design a baseball player "sliding" into home plate wearing your teams colors.

Price: $0.95 per pin.


Glitter is a popular option and when used in a large area it can greatly increase a pin's trading pins value.

Price: FREE!! (For Limited Time Only)

No matter what trading pin accessories you choose, in the end it will exponentially improve your trade power and make sure your team walks away with the most pins.

Baseball Trading Pins Fast

If you need baseball trading pins in less than a week, we can help. There is little time to delay though! Please fill out the free design & quote form and we will get started on your free design.

Free Design & Quote

There is no obligation to buy. If we cannot meet your due date for any reason we will offer other suggestions before you order. One of these suggestions may be our custom rush trading pins. Usually rush pins are necessary when there is less than a week before your trading event.
printed trading pins

Trading Pins Cheap

WE WILL BEAT ANY PRICE! If you compare our prices to the cheapest pin companies online you will still find us cheaper. If you find a better price, just let us know and we will match it or beat it. We also produce top quality pins at these unbelievable prices. How do we do it? Our goal is to grow our small pin company with satisfied customers, and every year we reach out to more customers through word of mouth. This means we spend less money in advertising than our giant pin company counterparts. If you have found pins fast - you have found a deal that others have passed up!
trading pins for baseball