Trading Pins

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Pins Fast makes trading pins in many different shapes and sizes. Some of our most popular trading pins are for softball or baseball. Trading pins are custom-made with your unique logo and ideas. You can add "extras" to increase their trade value. Pins Fast makes them faster than any other brand because we make our pins right here in the USA.

Just like our other custom lapel pins, Pins Fast trading pins are Made in the USA to meet tight deadlines. In order to do this, we must abandon the hand-made traditional Soft Enamel production methods. The Pins Fast version of traditional Soft Enamel is called "Soft Acrylic" and can be produced in mere days. If that's not fast enough, we offer Rush Trading Pins which can be produced in just hours!

Trading Pins Fast

Because we are Pins Fast, we must honor our namesake and make your pins very fast. We pioneered a method of production which allows us to retain excellent quality while speeding up production to a more practical level. Speeding up our production allows us to make sure you get your pins on time for your event, because we know that the purpose of the pins is often for a trading event.

The traditional hand-made production method of Soft Enamel is often too slow and bottlenecked during the busy summer trading pin season. In order to alleviate this enourmous problem, we make a new product called "soft acrylic" using advanced UV printers and laser-cut acrylic material. The acrylic material can be plain black, or coated with a micro-surface metal in gold or silver.

Our Soft Acrylic trading pins are durable and lightweight for quick shipping at no additional cost to you. If you must have the authentic jewelry quality of soft enamel pins, please visit our partner site to request a free design and quote. Hand-made enamel jewelry should never be rushed and so we do not offer them on our Pins Fast website.

What Is Soft Acrylic?

We call our version soft enamel pins "Soft Acrylic" pins. We produce them to look exactly like soft enamel trading pins, including raised surfaces. We can produce them in days rather than weeks. They are made with a composite acrylic featuring a microsurface metal and are so lightweight that we can ship them for free.

Each year, our customers tell us that they are so thankful they received their trading pins on time. We redouble our efforts each year and improve our abilities. Now, thanks to American ingenuity; our Soft Acrylic Trading Pins look even better than other trading pins but arrive in only a few days.

Why Soft Acrylic Trading Pins?

Soft Acrylic trading pins can be produced in mere days so that everyone can participate in pin trading. We don't let kids feel left out! Making your Pins Fast gives us the opportunity to become a leading partner in the renaissance of modern American Manufacturing. Best of all, our Soft Acrylic trading pins are non-toxic and always lead-free!

It may be alarming to know that many of our competitors will make trading pins overseas using lead and iron in order to save costs. Because of the American made composite materials used in production Pins Fast trading pins NEVER contain lead or any other caustic heavy metals.

Rush Trading Pins

Our trading pins are always printed in the USA and require additional time for a layer of epoxy for a glossy varnish. If you only have a few days left please let us know your due date. We make Rush Trading Pins in the same way we make Soft Acrylic Trading Pins except we cannot add the layer of gloss because it takes more time to produce.

How are Rush Trading Pins Different?

Rush trading pins are different from soft acrylic trading pins because they cannot have raised surfaces or glossy finish. Rush Trading Pins are produced in a single day.

The Demand for Trading Pins, Fast!

Each year, we see more and more demand for rush order trading pins. We know that if the trading pins come late, they are useless to the parents who paid for them and children who trade them. That is why we develop ways to make Trading Pins FAST, right here in the USA.

We make tremendous efforts to support pin trading with our fast turnaround time and quality products. We stay up long hours and work non-stop. We invest in factory space and high tech equipment. We hire talented American workers and find ways to streamline our production by working together in multiple shifts. We are dedicated to helping you because this is an opportunity for supporting an American industry.

We never thought we would be making pins for world leaders and celebrities! After the improvement of our production methods in 2017 to meet high demand for pin traders, that's exactly what happened. Now we make more than trading pins fast, we make all kinds of pins fast. Now Pins Fast is an exporter of pins Made in the USA for rush orders.

It wouldn't be possible without the high demand for trading pins, fast!

Contact Pins Fast for Details

Soft Acrylic Trading Pins can take 3 to 5 days to produce and and Rush Trading Pins can be produced in a single day! If you are unsure about which product you need, please contact us by filling out our contact form with your email address.

We will email you back within minutes in order to establish communication. Through email we can discuss which product is appropriate for your deadline. Once email communication is established, we will send you a link to your free design and quote page. If the design is not right, just let us know and we will fix it for free!

Order Baseball Trading Pins

Ordering your trading pins from pins fast is easy. Our designers will work with you to design the baseball trading pins online you like with no obligation to buy. When you are satisfied with the design you can call us or order online. Get started with your no obligation trading pins design and quote today.

Trading Pins Pricing

Trading pins are priced by quantity and size. This table shows our lowest prices but does not include special effects, rush orders, accessories or additional posts/clutches.

Rush trading pins are prices are on the rush trading pins page.

1 1/2 Inch$2.08$1.56$1.36$1.17$1.15$1.10$0.95$0.93$0.89$0.86
1 3/4 Inch$2.35$1.88$1.67$1.45$1.42$1.38$1.18$1.16$1.14$1.09
2 Inch$2.50$2.08$1.87$1.65$1.59$1.52$1.36$1.29$1.24$1.18
2 1/4 Inch$3.75$3.26$2.95$2.70$2.62$2.54$2.48$2.30$2.25$2.18
2 1/2 Inch$4.38$3.92$3.61$3.36$3.28$3.20$3.14$2.96$2.91$2.86
2 3/4 Inch$4.90$4.34$4.02$3.76$3.68$3.59$3.51$3.33$3.27$3.24
3 Inch$5.40$4.79$4.47$4.21$4.13$4.04$3.96$3.78$3.72$3.68

Trading Pins Come With:

Includes FREE design, FREE shipping and FREE mold. NO Hidden Fees!

Pins Fast can produce "Rush Order" Trading Pins in 1 business day. Let us know!

Trading Pins with accessories can never be rushed. Order early to get accessories!

Trading Pin Accessories

trading pins accessories

Baseball Trading pins with accessories are the most sought after pins at the Cooperstown and World Series trading events. Accessories on a pin such as "glitter" or "dangler" can increase it's trading value three fold. Everyone will want to trade your pins, and they may offer 3 or 4 of their own pins just to trade for a pin with these accessories.


Blinkers are exciting for young pin traders. Blinking lights can be set to blink on and off or manually blink at the push of a button found on the back of each pin.

Price: $1.00 per pin.
2 blinkers per pin: $1.75


Danglers can make trading pins stand out and they can feature additional information that might have cluttered the main pin design such as year or age group.

Price: $0.55 per pin.

Lenticular Animation Sliders (Coming Soon)

Sliders are a favorite baseball trading pin accessory because we can design a baseball player "sliding" into home plate wearing your teams colors.

Price: $0.95 per pin.

glow-in-the-dark-pinsGlow-In-The-Dark Acrylic Trading Pins

Glow-in-the-dark acrylic pins are a fun favorite and they stay illuminated for several hours. Adding this accessory to your soft acrylic pins is well worth the price.

Price: $0.40 per pin.

Printed Glitter Effect

Glitter is a popular option and when used in a large area it can greatly increase a pin's trading pins value.

Price: $0.12 each

No matter what trading pin accessories you choose, in the end it will exponentially improve your trade power and make sure your team walks away with the most pins.

Baseball Trading Pins Fast

If you need baseball trading pins in less than a week, we can help. There is little time to delay though! Please fill out the free design & quote form and we will get started on your free design. printed trading pins