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About Pins Fast

Pins Fast is a family-owned small business. Our mission is to make pins in the United States in order to solve the longstanding industry-wide problem of production delays. You can get a free pin design and quote just by filling out a simple form.

Why Pins?

Custom pins are at the very heart of our culture in North America. Custom pins are an important part of modern fashion because they give us a way to speak from the heart. Pins Fast is committed to delivering high-quality custom pins on-time!

Pins Fast is Published in 2013

In 2012 we purchased pinsfast.com for less than $8 and built this website using Wordpress. The earliest completed version of this website can be seen on the internet archive dating from May of 2013.

The original website used image sprites and it’s own unique theme built from a Wordpress boilerplate framework. PinsFast.com was eventually a huge success. We even received a testimonial from the Governor of New Mexico.

the original Pins Fast Wordpress website from 2013

Rush Lapel Pins Fast

We also purchased some equipment to make rush lapel pins in 2012 using stock metal pin shapes. In 2013, many of our customers loved the new rush lapel pins and rush trading pins that we offered. We were surprised to see how much of a positive impact it made.

Celebrating 15 Years at Pins Fast

The first version of pinsfast.com that was built was not mobile friendly. We are publishing a new mobile friendly (fully responsive) theme based on the original theme. This is our way of celebrating the 15th Anniversary of Pins Fast.

How Things Have Changed!

Since 2013, our production methods have evolved and many of our competitors struggle to keep up. The advanced techniques we use to manufacture pins fast is complex and difficult for other companies to replicate. Due to an increased demand, we developed a way to make custom Shaped Rush Lapel Pins and Rush Trading Pins. Instead of using stock shapes for photo dome pins, we can now custom shape your rush pins with a laser!