Soft Enamel pINS

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Custom Soft Enamel Pins require a special process in order to give raised metal edges. The special process fills recessed areas of a high quality die struck metal pin with a liquid enamel color so that the enamel paint can recede and allow the raised metal to remain. Soft Enamel Lapel Pins are the most popular type of custom pins because of the metal edges.

Custom Soft Enamel Pins require a special process in order to give raised metal edges. The special process fills recessed areas of a high quality die struck metal pin with a liquid enamel color so that the enamel paint can recede and allow the raised metal to remain. Soft Enamel Lapel Pins are the most popular type of custom pins because of the metal edges.

Free Design For Custom Enamel Pins

Our team of experienced designers and craftsmen will create the ultimate custom enamel pins for you because we are committed to quality. We’ll work closely with you from our digital design concept to delivery in order to create custom lapel pins or custom trading pins that perfectly reflect your group’s identity and values. We can even have custom enamel pins delivered to you in only 1-6 days, so you can meet your deadline with ease.

We offer a free pin design so that you can have a preview of your custom pins before purchase. To get your own free pin design, just click the Free Pin Design & Quote button above and complete the form so we can email you the free art.

Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

Pins Fast specializes in creating high-quality, soft enamel lapel pins that are designed to meet your exact specifications because of our dedicated team of talented artists and craftspeople. We use only the finest materials and the most advanced production techniques to create custom pins that are not only beautiful but also built to last.

Soft Enamel Pins

Benefits of Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

Custom soft enamel lapel pins are great because they reflect the unique identity of your organization or group. They offer greater versatility because they can be used for any type of business, organization or team. Our designers are standing by to create a design so you perfectly capture your group’s spirit and values.

These Custom Pins Are A Best Choice For:

Employee Recognition
Trading Pins
Logo Pins
custom soft enamel lapel pins for cisco

Custom Trading Pins

Custom soft enamel trading pins are the most popular types of custom pins in the world. Customers love them because they are bulky and offer a tactile sensation when trading. The colors are vibrant because the enamel is hand painted onto the custom trading pins.

Custom Pins for Business & Organizations

Soft Enamel pins are an excellent choice for custom corporate pins because they have the greatest impact. Employee recognition pins and awards for years of service pins are best made in soft enamel because of the detailed designs. Custom logo pins are usually produced in soft enamel because most logos are very detailed. Custom promotional pins are produced in soft enamel because they make great free giveaways!

boys town custom soft enamel pins

Options for Soft Enamel Pins

Packaging Options for Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

Special packaging is available so that you can give an impressive presentation. Each pin is shipped inside of the display case or package because you need to make a great first impression .

  • Poly Bags (free)
  • Velvet Bags ($0.25 each)
  • Acrylic Cases ($0.55 each)
  • Velvet Jewelry Boxes ($2.25 each)
velvet case for pins
Velvet Jewelry Box

Attachments for Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

Many customers have different preferences for how the pins should be attached to their clothing because there are many applications for custom pins. For example: some customers prefer magnetic clutch attachments because they do not want to penetrate a rented tuxedo with a physical pin. Other customers might prefer a rubber clutch for attaching to closely worn clothing or hats because it can be less abrasive to the skin. Here is a list of the available special attachment options so that you can ask a sales representative about adding them to your purchase:

Accessories for Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

  • 1 Glitter Color $0.15 each pin
  • Glow In The Dark Enamel $0.25 Each Pin
  • Dangler Accessory $0.45 each pin
  • Rocker Accessory $0.55 each pin
soft enamel pins glitter
Glitter accessory

Soft Enamel Production

Soft Enamel Pins Are Hardened

Sometimes customers are confused because the term “soft enamel” is difficult to understand. It can be difficult to buy something when you don’t fully understand it. Here is a simple explanation in order to set the record straight. The enamel colors are a soft liquid before firing in a kiln in order to make it hard.

soft enamel production

Raised Metal Edges

Raised metal edges surrounding a recessed enamel surface make soft enamel pins stand out from the rest. Hard Enamel Pins are the opposite, they do not have raised edges.

Custom Enamel Pins Cheap

Custom enamel pins can be cheap if you order large quantities quickly because it gives extra time for delivery. Ordering large quantities early with Pins Fast saves you money because avoids setup fees and rush shipping costs. Avoid delays because the cost increases for rush orders and the expedited shipping of heavy pins. To get custom pins cheap, order large quantities today and avoid delay!

Order Soft Enamel Pins Now & Save

Don’t settle for generic, boring custom pins when you can have enamel pins that really stand out. Order today and give your group quality custom pins so that you show pride and promote your brand. You can trust Pins Fast because we have a commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction. With Pins Fast you’re getting the right custom pins to make a lasting impression because of our experienced team.

Customer Reviews

Great Pins for our teachers

Rated 5 out of 5
January 30, 2023

PinsFast did a great job designing our pin. The price was better than any other company I contacted, and they were the only company that could get them to use in our time frame. Other companies needed 8 weeks which would cut it close. PinsFast was able to do it much faster!

Susan Malone

Fast, Reliable, High Quality

Rated 5 out of 5
January 25, 2023

Im a repeat customer, using Pinsfast for the 4th time. I really like how personal and professional they are. I have had great service but that is secondary to how great the product is. Reliable, fast, and easy- thats why I use them.

Nathan Cardenas

Very helpful and attentive to design needs

Rated 5 out of 5
January 24, 2023

Pinsfast has been great at assisting with my pin designs. They are very communicative and are helping us get the job done in time for our event!


Enamel Pins Fast Turnaround

Rated 5 out of 5
January 22, 2023

Every company online was telling me that there would be a delay of at least 4 weeks during the Chinese new year but Pins Fast made it happen in less than two weeks. The quality is excellent and durable with raised metal edges.

Edith Tamayo Herrera

Quality pins, FAST!!!

Rated 5 out of 5
January 19, 2023

I needed multiple different pins with a very quick turnaround and PINSFAST always delivers quality pins by my deadlines! I am very happy with all of my orders and I will continue to be a returning customer! Thank you Robert, and the entire PINSFAST team!

Christina Coquia
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