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Example of a soft enamel pin with silver plating and the glitter accessory for the word "Free".
A soft enamel pin with silver metal & glitter accessory.
Example of a soft enamel pin with gold plating.
A soft enamel pin with gold edge plating.
Example of a soft enamel pin with black plating.
A soft enamel pin with black edge plating.
Example of a soft enamel pin with silver plating and the glitter accessory for the word "Free".
Example of a soft enamel pin with gold plating.
Example of a soft enamel pin with black plating.

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Other sites require that you hire your own graphic designer. At Pins Fast, our talented artists will create your design for free.

15 Years of Quality

With 15 years of experience, our pins are crafted to be durable and each comes with a military grade attachment.


Soft enamel pins are the most popular pin type. What makes them so popular?

2 examples of custom soft enamel pins with different metal plating. The first has iridescent (rainbow) metal and the second has silver metal.

Solid Metal (various colors)

Soft Enamel Pins are solid metal pins with raised metal edges that separate the colors. The raised metal can be gold, silver, black, black nickel or even iridescent (rainbow). We can even dye the raised metal any color you wish.

Highly Detailed

Soft enamel pins have greater detail than any other type of custom enamel pins because soft enamel colors are easier to work with. Our artists are able to color small text and details for very intricate designs.

2 examples of custom soft enamel pins with intricate details like small text and fine coloring.
2 examples of custom soft enamel pins with bright, vivid colors.

Vivid Colors

Enamel coloring provides vivid Pantone® colors. That’s why custom enamel pins are so popular! Full-color (CMYK) inks cannot achieve the same vibrant color as enamel spot colors.


Despite popular belief, traditional Soft Enamel Pins are more durable than Hard Enamel Pins, because the raised metal edges help to protect against abrasion. There is nothing “soft” about these pins.

Not sure if soft enamel is best for your pin?

Leave the details to us. Start with your free design and then our artists will recommend the materials and options that best fit your design.


Accessories are an easy way to add more character to your pins and pin packaging. Simply tell our artists which accessories you’d like incorporated into your design!










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Awesome company to work with!

Rated 5.0 out of 5

The name pinsfast.com doesn’t do them justice. These guys are behind fast and do great work. We gave them our softball trading pin ideas and logos at the end of the day and they had us a digital proof of it the next morning. We had a few minor changes and they provided an update within the hour. We had heard of other companies shipping from China and other issues. So glad we found PinsFast.com as they’re right here in the US and are a quality company to do business with.

Avatar for Dennis

Amazing Quality, Price, and Customer Service

Rated 5.0 out of 5

We make collectible pins to give out at each conference we attend as well as pins for our employees as we reach milestones. Ordering from Pins Fast is super convenient and they are always above and beyond helpful.

Avatar for Cruise Russo-Zirkel - XOS Trucks
Cruise Russo-Zirkel – XOS Trucks

4th Time Buying

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Im a repeat customer, using Pinsfast for the 4th time. I really like how personal and professional they are. I have had great service but that is secondary to how great the product is. Reliable, fast, and easy- thats why I use them.

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Nathan C.

Great Pins for our teachers

Rated 5.0 out of 5

PinsFast did a great job designing our pin. The price was better than any other company I contacted, and they were the only company that could get them to use in our time frame. Other companies needed 8 weeks which would cut it close. PinsFast was able to do it much faster!

Avatar for Susan Malone - NBC Teacher Support Specialist
Susan Malone – NBC Teacher Support Specialist

Response from Pins Fast

Thanks Susan, we brought back the sizing grid on our proofs in order to display the size of the pins in a way that’s easier to understand. Your next order is on us because we want to make sure you always get the proper size you need.

Quality pins, FAST!!!

Rated 5.0 out of 5

I needed multiple different pins with a very quick turnaround and PINSFAST always delivers quality pins by my deadlines! I am very happy with all of my orders and I will continue to be a returning customer! Thank you Robert, and the entire PINSFAST team!

Avatar for Christina Coquia - Manager of Field Sales and Education - Glow Recipe
Christina Coquia – Manager of Field Sales and Education – Glow Recipe


List of some of our clients: Amazon, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, Nike, Pepsico, Disney.
List of some of our clients: Amazon, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, Nike, Pepsico, Disney.


Have a question? Find quick answers to common questions.

Rush order pins can be manufactured and shipped as fast as 1 business day. They will be delivered by FedEx to arrive on the date you enter at checkout.

Sure. When submitting your order, simply upload your image file and explain how you would like us to use it. You may also upload images of concepts or sketches of your idea and then we can convert it into a full-color graphic.

If you receive a quote first, then you will pay after you’ve approved a final version of your free pin design. There’s no commitment to buy when you request your custom pin design!

If you place your order first on our Instant Order page, you will pay at that time and a pin design will be sent to you shortly thereafter for your review.

If you want to add accessories to your pin design just mention it either in your Free Design request or when you place your order.

If you already received a free pin design and would like to add accessories, just click the big yellow button to “request a revision”.

There are many different types, so we recommend that you call us. We can explain what would work best based on your needs.

Soft Enamel: The soft enamel style is where the colors are separated by a metal line. Most custom pins are Standard Soft Enamel pins. These metal pins have the design impressed into the metal. The recessed areas are then filled with enamel color. They’re vibrant and affordable.

Hard Enamel: These are metal with enamel color. But unlike standard soft enamel pins, Standard Hard Enamel pins have a flat, polished finish.

Die Struck: Made by impressing (striking) the pin design into solid metal, Standard Die Struck pins usually have minimal or no color overlaid, so the metal color is the focus.

Offset Printed: Your design is printed onto a smooth, metal surface. Offset Printing allows for gradients or more intricate color than enamel pins.

Photo Dome: These are similar to Standard Offset Printed pins because they also have the design printed onto them. Photo Dome differs in that the metal is thicker and the printed design is coated with a thick epoxy dome.

Feel free to call us to discuss the pros and cons of each material type or to request a pin sample kit.

Have questions? Call us!

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