Die Struck Pins

Die Struck Pins

Don’t pay for custom jewelry when you can have die struck pins

You could spend thousands of dollars with a jeweler to make custom pins in gold or silver, however it doesn’t cost much to get custom pins that have the same look and feel as custom jewelry. If you are making jewelry quality pins for your company or event, you could needlessly waste money.

Die Struck Pins

Get Die Struck Pins Cheap

Pins Fast makes high quality die-struck pins that are cheap and can even feature real gold plating. You may never know the difference between our product and expensive custom jewelry.

Get a Free Design & Quote for die struck pins and stop wasting money on expensive custom jewelry.

Die Struck Pins with Soft Enamel Colors

Die Struck Pins offer a more traditional look than other types of custom pins because they are produced using the ancient methods of die-struck metal manufacturing. They have “raised metal surfaces” offering a tactile sensation that feels great and looks great too!

How We Make Them

To make Die Struck pins with raised metal surfaces we use a 10,000 lbs. metal press to strike the metal with your desired image. Using this heavy machinery is dangerous and requires the patience and precision of our experts.

Step 1: Metal is Die Struck

In order to make die-struck metal pins, we produce a “die” that contains your custom image. Using heavy machinery we carefully press the die into to strips of metal. The metal is now indented with your custom image.

Striking Pins with a Die
Striking the metal with a die to make Die Struck Pins.

Step 2: Plating

After polishing, the die struck pins can be plated with different types of metal. You can have an antiqued plating that looks worn and old, or a shiny plating of gold or silver. There are many types of plating available including colored metal and iridescent “rainbow” plating.

Die Struck Pins Plating
Custom die struck pins after plating and before soft enamel colors are added.

Step 3 (optional): Enameling

After plating your Die Struck pins, we may fill designated recessed areas of the die-struck metal with soft enamel or hard enamel colors. After the enamel colors are applied they are hardened in a kiln. The soft enamel and hard enamel colors are both physically hard and durable after the firing process.

Soft Enamel Coloring
Soft Enamel Coloring of the Die Struck Pins

Step 4: Packaging & Shipping

Each die struck pin is polished and inspected by trained craftspeople before placing them in a poly bag or other type of packaging. Types of packaging include:

  • Poly Bags (free)
  • Velvet Bags ($0.30 each)
  • Acrylic Cases ($0.50 each)
  • Jewelry Cases ($1.50 each)

Die struck pins are the highest quality pins. We take your custom image and form it into a metal shape that gives you the ultimate form of wearable expression. You feel complete wearing a pin that matches your own style of sophistication, experience and reservation.

How to Get Die Struck Pins

  1. Fill out the free design & quote form and tell us what you need.
  2. Review the free digital artwork and the instant quote.
  3. Order online using the link provided and receive your custom die struck pins.

If you need die struck pins by a certain date please don’t wait any longer! To receive your custom die struck pins soon you should fill out the free design and quote form today!

Die Struck Pin Production Times

Typical turnaround time for Die Struck Pins is 7-10 days. In order to ensure the safety of our craftspeople, we cannot rush Die Struck pins any faster than 7-10 days. To understand the reasons why, we’ve created an education video below:

How to Get Die Struck Pins Fast

To make Pins Fast, we invented a new type of custom pin called Laser-Cut Rush Pins that can be any shape or size and may even be produced to look like die struck pins!

Repeat customers who order our Laser-Cut Rush Pins include prestigious brands such as Disney, PepsiCo, Cisco, Microsoft, T-Mobile, AT&T & Google. If our Laser-Cut Rush Pins are good enough for them then we think it can work for you too. To get started, just click the Free Design & Quote button below and let us know your deadline.

Stop getting Die Struck pins late and click the free design & quote button to try our Laser-Cut Rush Pins that are Always On-Time!

Contact us anytime.

If you want to contact us directly with your design ideas or questions, send us an email or call us today.

To get started with an order of custom pins, we recommend clicking the “Free Design & Quote” button below to fill out our web form. Filling out the web form immediately notifies the artists and craftspeople that you are interested.

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