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Rated 5 out of 5

Free shipping for enamel pins

We ship your custom enamel pins anywhere in the USA, for free. Never pay any taxes or hidden fees.

Free enamel pin artwork

Get a pin design and quote before you order, so you can see how your pins will look before you commit.

Quality enamel pins

The enamel is fired in a kiln in order to harden it into a durable keepsake for generations.

The Most Popular Type of Pins

Enamel Pins from Pins Fast are the most popular types of pins that we offer because everybody loves the vivid enamel colors. We offer a wide variety of plating types so that you can choose a metal that gives your colors the most emphasis. The fun doesn’t stop there because you can upgrade your order with glitter colors, special attachments such as magnets and accessories such as rockers or danglers. With so many options available you can truly express yourself and speak from the heart with wearable art!

Don’t wait any longer because cleverness has never been seen associated with long delays. Get started today with a free design and quote in order to avoid delays!

High Quality Soft Enamel Pins

custom soft enamel pins

Soft Enamel Pins are the pinnacle of custom products because they are die-struck metal pins that resemble custom jewelry. Your idea or logo will take on a new, permanent look and feel in order to leave a lasting impression. The raised metal surfaces make these pins stand out because they have a texture that is unforgettable.

High Quality Hard Enamel Pins

custom hard enamel pins

Hard Enamel Pins have evolved from inlaid jewelry of ancient Egyptians into a modern day sensation. There is something about the crisp, clean lines between vivid enamel colors and shiny metal plating that catches the eye. Perhaps that is why these pins look great with a suit and tie, or even a tuxedo.

Custom Logo Lapel Pins

Enamel pins make really great custom logo lapel pins because they can use your exact Pantone® Colors. Who wouldn’t want their logo die struck into metal and colored with vibrant enamel colors for the world to see? These types of pins can promote your brand like nothing else because your logo is forever struck into a durable metal keepsake.

custom logo lapel pins

Another great use for these pins is for your organization or group because they look timeless and eternal. The die struck metal pins are plated and filled with enamel colors that last for generations. Some popular uses for these pins include academic pins, pins for non-profit organizations, cities, councils and clubs in order to show affiliation.

custom lapel pins for organizations

Enamel Pins Fast

custom lapel pins comparison between rush and no rush
Enamel Pins Made in the U.S.A.

Do you have an existing design for custom enamel pins that need to be delivered in a matter of days (or hours?). Pins Fast offers a solution in order to meet your deadline because we can Rush Enamel Pins Fast. We use lasers and advanced 3-D printing techniques in order to produce your pins in less than 24 hours.

Stop waiting for miracles to happen because you can rely on our new U.S. manufacturing technology. Just click the button above in order to get started.

Attachment Options

These pins can be attached in several ways but there are 3 main methods. The most common way to attach your pins is with a butterfly clutch because it reliable and versatile. Another option is with a rubber clutch because it is cute and fun. A great option is with a magnetic clutch in order to protect clothing from damage. There is a bonus feature for the magnetic clutch because it can double as a refrigerator magnet!

butterfly clutch

Butterfly Clutch

The butterfly clutch has a military-grade durability and comes standard with every pin we sell.

rubber clutch

Rubber Clutch

Rubber clutches are fun and cute but they are also practical because they feel soft against the skin.

magnetic clutch

Magnetic Clutch

Magnetic pin backs can attach your pins without damaging fabric. Ideal for tuxedos and formal attire.

Special Packaging Options

Make a first impression with special packaging options for your custom gift because the presentation is so important. We offer a wide variety of special packaging options in order to give the right presentation for your award.

acrylic cases for pin presentations

Acrylic Display Cases

Acrylic Display Cases are very practical because they both protect your pins and display them.

$0.25 each

velvet bags for pin presentations

Velvet Bags

Velvet Bags offer a smooth way to present your gift or award in order to make a classy presentation.

$0.55 each

jewelry boxes for pin presentations

Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry Boxes give you a show-stopping way to present your pins because give strong emphasis.

$2.25 each

We also offer other attachments such as deluxe clutch, jewelry clutch, bar magnet for large pins, cufflinks, keychains, necklace and even zipper-pulls. For more information, please speak to a custom service representative by calling 1-877-633-7446 or email info@pinsfast.com today!

Choose PinsFast.com

While other companies are trying to sell everything to everyone, Pins Fast doubled down on U.S. manufacturing so that you could get your pins on time. We believe that we can’t do everything, but we can definitely make high-quality custom pins faster than any other brand.

Maybe we aren’t the best at hitting home runs or flying an F-22 at over 9 G’s, but it’s a fact that nobody can make pins like we do. Since 2011 we have pioneered a ways to make pins that could meet your deadlines and stand the test of time. We make pins fast to put a smile on the kids faces at pin trading events or make pins for small business and startups in order to promote their brands.

We love working with our customers to find the right solution because we don’t except them to know everything about custom pins. If you have a question or if you are unsure about what type of custom pin works best for you please give us a call at 1-877-633-7446 or email info@pinsfast.com today!


Amazing Quality, Price, and Customer Service

Rated 5 out of 5

We make collectible pins to give out at each conference we attend as well as pins for our employees as we reach milestones. Ordering from Pins Fast is super convenient and they are always above and beyond helpful.

Avatar for Cruise Russo-Zirkel - XOS Trucks
Cruise Russo-Zirkel – XOS Trucks

Quality pins, FAST!!!

Rated 5 out of 5

I needed multiple different pins with a very quick turnaround and PINSFAST always delivers quality pins by my deadlines! I am very happy with all of my orders and I will continue to be a returning customer! Thank you Robert, and the entire PINSFAST team!

Avatar for Christina Coquia - Manager of Field Sales and Education - Glow Recipe
Christina Coquia – Manager of Field Sales and Education – Glow Recipe

Provided pins fast during the Chinese New Year.

Rated 5 out of 5

Thanks for the amazing service and ability to provide pins fast during the Chinese New Year.

Avatar for Gary Gardner - CEO "Adaptive Archery"
Gary Gardner – CEO “Adaptive Archery”

Response from Pins Fast

Thank you, we can make pins outside of China and even in the USA if necessary in order to meet your deadline.

Quality pin and speedy service!

Rated 5 out of 5

Received them today and they are exactly what we wanted! Thank you so much for your design help, quality pin and speedy service!

Avatar for Wendy Carmon - Brooklyn Park Pirates Softball
Wendy Carmon – Brooklyn Park Pirates Softball

Anytime I need pins you will be my go to!!!

Rated 5 out of 5

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate the time and effort you spent on helping me design and order the pins. When I called you, I was so stressed because my son’s baseball team needed the pins for an upcoming tournament. I had called at least five other companies before finally reaching you and none of them were able to help me. None of them even tried. From the second you answered the phone I could tell you were all about making it happen. It was never “no” and always “let me see what I can do”. And you made it happen. Every step of the way.

Thank you so much. Anytime I need pins you will be my go to!!!

Avatar for Samantha Greene - San Diego Stars Baseball
Samantha Greene – San Diego Stars Baseball

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