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Soft Enamel Pins

Rated 5 out of 5

Soft enamel lapel pins get their name from the liquid enamel color filling which is fired in a kiln to harden. The raised metal surfaces offer a tactile sensation with a permanent feel that are anything but soft. These pins make a lasting impact and are a great way to promote your business, brand or event.

soft enamel pins with silver plating for sports event

Silver Plating contrasts well with vibrant enamel colors and gives emphasis to your logo or design.

soft enamel pins with gold plating for camp promotions

Gold Plating gives enamel pins the unmistakable charm and appeal of fine custom jewelry.

soft enamel pins with black metal plating for logo promotional

Black Metal Plating gives your logo or design a bold contour for strong emphasis.

Free pin design before purchase

Upload your logo, drawing or photo and we will design a unique pin design based on your idea. Our designers know the limitations and tolerances in order to make a free pin design that’s ready for production. Within minutes, we will email you the free art along with a link to order!

Soft Enamel Pin Design

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Free shipping in the USA

Our Custom Soft Enamel Pins come with free air shipping. Rush orders are also available at checkout.

Get free artwork

Our expert pin designers offer a free pin design and quote before you order, so you can order pins you will love.

Durable, high quality pins

These Pins are very durable and each comes with a military grade attachment.

Custom Soft Enamel Pins

Each soft enamel pin is custom made by skilled artisans because quality comes first. Purchase as little as 25 pins or purchase higher quantities in order to get a lower cost per unit. Pins Fast offers a better value because we supply free pin designs before purchase, faster turnaround times and free shipping.

Plating Types For Soft Enamel Pins

soft enamel pin examples

Soft Enamel Pins offer the widest assortment of plating types, including iridescent (rainbow) plating. In addition to traditional plating types such as gold or silver we can dye the metal with any PMS color, including black.

Vivid Enamel Colors

custom soft enamel lapel pins manufacturing coloring process illustration

Enamel pins such as these use an enamel coloring in order to give the pins such vivid Pantone® colors. That’s why custom enamel pins are so popular! Full-color (CMYK) inks cannot achieve the same vibrant color as enamel spot colors.

Soft Enamel for High Detail

academic pins for education
Durable and Highly Detailed Soft Enamel Pins

Soft enamel pins have greater detail than any other type of custom enamel pins because soft enamel colors are easier to work with. Our artists are able to color small text and details much easier with this process because the enamel is thinner.

Soft Enamel Pins Are More Durable

soft enamel lapel pins gallery 3

Despite popular belief, Soft Enamel Pins are actually more durable than Hard Enamel Pins because the surface is not as easily scratched. These pins are much more durable because the raised metal edges help to protect against abrasion. There is nothing “soft” about these pins.

Impactful with Strong Contrast

soft enamel pins gallery

Pins Fast knows how to make pins that really stand out while also emphasizing your brand identity. These pins are the most popular type we offer because there are so many different options available! To speak to an experienced designer about your options, just fill out the free design & quote form or call 1-877-633-7446.

Attachment Options for Soft Enamel Pins

These pins are attached in a variety of ways in order to accommodate any clothing or material. The standard attachment method is with a butterfly clutch because it is so reliable for any purpose. A trendy option that we offer is a rubber clutch because it feels comfy and looks cute. We also offer a magnetic clutch to our business customers in order to protect their custom tailored garments.

butterfly clutch

Butterfly Clutch

Our butterfly clutch or “military clutch” provides you with a military-grade attachment at no additional cost.

rubber clutch

Rubber Clutch

Rubber clutches are popular for hat pins and trendy promotional pins because they feel soft against the skin.

magnetic clutch

Magnetic Clutch

Magnetic Pins can secure the pin to your clothing without poking through the fabric. Ideal for tuxedos and formal attire.

Special Packaging Options

Make a first impression with special packaging options for your custom gift because the presentation is so important. We offer a wide variety of special packaging options in order to give the right presentation for your award.

acrylic cases for pin presentations

Acrylic Display Cases

Acrylic Display Cases are very practical because they both protect your pins and display them.

$0.25 each

velvet bags for pin presentations

Velvet Bags

Velvet Bags offer a smooth way to present your gift or award in order to make a classy presentation.

$0.55 each

jewelry boxes for pin presentations

Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry Boxes give you a show-stopping way to present your pins because they give strong emphasis.

$2.25 each

Choose The Pins Fast Brand

We make great strides in customer service unlike our larger competitors who are too busy to keep track of your order. Pins Fast is more responsive and attentive to your needs because we are a small business. Buy Custom Pins from us because will appreciate our attentiveness and attention to detail.

Regular Updates

Tracking numbers and status updates are emailed to you in order to keep you up-to-date.

Exceeding Your Expectations

Exceeding your expectations is our goal in order to ensure your satisfaction. We don’t just want you as a one-time customer because we want your repeat business. We want to work with you in order to build trust for long term cooperation. If you ever have any problems, we want to be there in order to solve them. We love to make your custom pin ideas come to life because of our creative nature. We also enjoy hearing from our happy customers because that’s how we can grow together!

Reviews for soft enamel pins

Amazing Quality, Price, and Customer Service

Rated 5 out of 5

We make collectible pins to give out at each conference we attend as well as pins for our employees as we reach milestones. Ordering from Pins Fast is super convenient and they are always above and beyond helpful.

Avatar for Cruise Russo-Zirkel - XOS Trucks
Cruise Russo-Zirkel – XOS Trucks

Quality pins, FAST!!!

Rated 5 out of 5

I needed multiple different pins with a very quick turnaround and PINSFAST always delivers quality pins by my deadlines! I am very happy with all of my orders and I will continue to be a returning customer! Thank you Robert, and the entire PINSFAST team!

Avatar for Christina Coquia - Manager of Field Sales and Education - Glow Recipe
Christina Coquia – Manager of Field Sales and Education – Glow Recipe

Provided pins fast during the Chinese New Year.

Rated 5 out of 5

Thanks for the amazing service and ability to provide pins fast during the Chinese New Year.

Avatar for Gary Gardner - CEO "Adaptive Archery"
Gary Gardner – CEO “Adaptive Archery”

Response from Pins Fast

Thank you, we can make pins outside of China and even in the USA if necessary in order to meet your deadline.

Great Pins for our teachers

Rated 5 out of 5

PinsFast did a great job designing our pin. The price was better than any other company I contacted, and they were the only company that could get them to use in our time frame. Other companies needed 8 weeks which would cut it close. PinsFast was able to do it much faster!

Avatar for Susan Malone - NBC Teacher Support Specialist
Susan Malone – NBC Teacher Support Specialist

Response from Pins Fast

Thanks Susan, we brought back the sizing grid on our proofs in order to display the size of the pins in a way that’s easier to understand. Your next order is on us because we want to make sure you always get the proper size you need.

4th Time Buying

Rated 5 out of 5

Im a repeat customer, using Pinsfast for the 4th time. I really like how personal and professional they are. I have had great service but that is secondary to how great the product is. Reliable, fast, and easy- thats why I use them.

Avatar for Nathan C.
Nathan C.

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