Rush Lapel Pins

Rush Lapel Pins can be produced in only One Business Day with Pins Fast. When you need Lapel Pins Fast for an event or approaching deadline, Pins Fast offers an ideal solution with full-color, Custom Shaped, Rush Pins or Rush Trading Pins.

What Are Rush Lapel Pins?

Rush Lapel Pins are pins that are custom made in 24 hours without the use of a mold or die. We can manufacture your pins in a single day using any metal shape. Pins Fast then prints your image directly to surface of the metal using high resolution, full-color UV inks. Finally, a glossy ink finish is printed which can add texture to specific areas if desired.

Benefits of Rush Lapel Pins:

  • Production time can be less than 24 hours.
  • Can be Any Shape or Size.
  • Metal with gold or silver plating.
  • Glossy surface stays vibrant and does not yellow over time.
  • May feature embossing and complex Textured Surfaces upon request.
  • Mass production of large quantities is possible within hours.
  • Small quantity orders are possible within hours.
  • Same-Day production is possible for an additional fee.
  • No Mold Fee!
  • Direct to substrate printing without the time-consuming enamel coloring.
  • Exceptional print quality.
  • Design and setup is free!
  • 100% Made in the U.S.A.

What Do Rush Lapel Pins Look Like?

What Customers Are Saying About Our Rush Lapel Pins:

Craviotto Rush Lapel Pins

They look awesome!!! Thank you.

David Victor
Vice President
Craviotto Drums

The pins arrived on time and they look good!
Appreciate all your help.

Brian Prinsell
Executive Director
H&R Marketing

I just wanted you to know the Latinos in America pins arrived right on time on Friday afternoon as promised! They look GREAT!! Thank you again for your help with the design and the order!

Monika Naillon
Chief of Staff
Director of Operations

Rush Lapel Pins FastPins arrived. Thank you for the speedy service.

Lisa Brouelette
Risk Management Section
Kirkland Police Department

Rush Lapel Pins

I just received them today, they look great!

Carter Fansler

Fire Rescue Pins FastHey I just wanted to follow up with you guys about my order and say everything came out great! Thank you so much!

Mike Bruschi
Boca Raton Fire Rescue

rush lapel pins

Got them. They look great. Think you were right on the sizing. Thanks again.

Mike Burns
Burns Brothers

Pins received and look great.
Thank you!

Coleen Mcglynn
New York Bulldogs Baseball

How Do I Order Rush Lapel Pins?

To get Rush Lapel Pins as fast as 1 business day, just fill out the form below and let us know your design ideas or any artwork you may have. Our digital artists will email you a free design and quote within minutes. The email will contain a link to order your Rush Lapel Pins online. You may specify the date you need them upon checkout and your quote will adjust accordingly.


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