Rush Lapel Pins

Pins Fast makes Rush Lapel Pins in the U.S.A within 24-hours or less. Each pin is custom made according to your exact specifications. With higher quality and unbeatable pricing, Pins Fast has the answer for those who need custom lapel pins on a tight deadline.

Unlike other companies who can only use certain shapes, Pins Fast's Rush Lapel Pins are custom made according to your exact specifications. Only Pins Fast offers Rush Lapel Pins in any custom shape with any metal plating!

We can print any photographic image or graphic onto your custom Rush Lapel Pins. The possibilities are endless! We can even make Rush Trading Pins for your tournament so that the players don't miss out on all of the fun. In fact, that's how we got started making rush pins. Now we make Rush Lapel Pins for everyone, including national brands such as Google and Disney!

Rush Lapel Pins Prices:

All of our pins can be made as Rush Pins right here in the USA. To ensure that your pins are Rush Pins, look for the term "Rush Pins" on the proof, along with our 24-Hour Production Guarantee. We are the only online company to offer custom pins made in 24 hours or less.

In addition to faster production times, we offer custom shaped Rush Pins (any shape or size!). Our competitors only offer basic shapes and fixed sizes. Despite the obvious advantage of our Rush Pins, our pricing is about the same as our online competitors.

We offer Rush Pins at the same price or even less than our competitors do. How do we do it? Sheer volume: no pin company comes close to making as many Rush Pins as we do. The high volume of rush orders that we make gives us more experience. We also offer higher quality at lower prices. It's a no-brainer really, making Pins Fast is our specialty!

Please see our Rush Pins prices below:

Pins Fast with Low Prices

For orders of 1300 or greater, please contact a sales associate to see if we can still meet your deadline. Larger quantities of 1300 or more take additional time to produce.

Rush orders require an additional fee upon checkout based upon how quickly you need them by. Order early to save!

To get started with your free design and online quote, please click the button below. Fill out the form and our artists will begin working on the perfect pin design for you. There is no obligation to purchase.

Get Lapel Pins Fast:

If you need custom lapel pins fast, just fill out the pin design and quote form on this page. Please tell us about your design ideas and the date you need your pins by. We will email you a free design and quote within minutes. Once you approve of the design it's easy to order online and production begins immediately.

The Fastest Custom Pins In The World

We only require 1 business day to produce your custom pins, the fastest custom pins in the world! We make your custom pins in the USA. In addition to the 1 day we need to make your pins, we also ask for an additional 2 days shipping time. If you do not have an additional 2 days, please let us know and we will add the cost for overnight shipping to your quote.

Extreme Rush Service

If you need pins tomorrow or the weekend we can offer that for an additional fee. The fastest way to contact us is by filling out the form on this page. We will respond instantly with an automated email to establish communication (check your spam folder if blocked). Once communication is established with your emailed response, our designers will create a custom rush pins design for you. This process usually takes mere minutes, especially if you submit artwork.

Rush Pin Experts

With Pins Fast you know you can get custom lapel pins to meet the toughest deadlines. That's because we are the pioneers of making Rush Lapel Pins and Rush Trading Pins in the USA. We've been doing this for over 10 years, improving our methods each step of the way. Now we are in a league of our own, manufacturing custom rush pins with unique methods that our competitors haven't figured out. Let us be your "miracle workers" and meet that deadline!