Custom Political Pins For The Freedom Of Speech

I own and operate a company called “Pins Fast” that makes custom lapel pins in the U.S.A.. Today a woman called us at 1-877-633-7446 with a thick British accent and asked me if we are a “mental institution”.

She must’ve read my previous blog post. I replied: “Mental, yes. Institution, no.” Silence ensued.

Are we brave enough to say it, or just crazy?

You see, anytime you say something nowadays and someone disagrees with you, they say you are crazy. That’s fine, let them say we are crazy but they can never take away our freedom of speech.

trump tower pins

We all have personal reasons to believe the things we do, and we should be proud of our beliefs. We should never be censored by our government, even if what we are saying is “wrong”.

Custom Pins Made in the USA

If you are wondering where all this is going, I don’t quite know but at least we are free to speak our minds. We can also make custom lapel pins in the USA that help us to speak our minds and there isn’t a damn thing those commie bastards can do to stop us.

Bernie's Mittens Pins
Custom Political Lapel Pin Designed by Brenda Bennett at Pins Fast

Some pin companies rely entirely on overseas manufacturing and are ultimately regulated and controlled by authoritarian communists!

Here at Pins Fast, we help you to speak your mind and break free from 1984 with custom political pins made in the USA.

Demagoguery and hate speech is protected under the first amendment. Haters are gonna hate and nothing will ever stop them.

People should (be able to) speak their minds, especially when they are wrong. Our government shouldn’t tell you how to think or what to believe in. The important thing is that we can agree to disagree.

If you speak from the heart with a custom political pin, your voice will be louder and everyone will know what you are saying.

Haters represent the forces of darkness and destruction. We choose to represent the forces of light and creation because we create a free digital pin design before you buy.

Censorship is Fascism

When Tiktok censors your thoughts and Facebook locks you out of your account because you spoke out, you can still come to us for a way to express yourself. We won’t censor your ideas and we can make your pins here in the USA without Big Brother’s approval. We are glad that you are able to get your point across with a custom political pin. You can wear them everywhere you go so that people can know what is most important to you.

custom lapel pins for political satire
Custom Political Satire Pins from Pins Fast.

Freedom to Fail

While we don’t necessarily endorse your fringe political views, we believe strongly that you should have every right to express them.

Biden Vs Putin 2024 Pins
Our leaders should fight FOR US.

Personally, my political views are that we should build an international arena for the leaders of the world to settle any disputes with honor and glory… and the popcorn should always be free. Why not allow our leaders to do the fighting for us?

star trek pins

I also speak Klingon as a second language, so over time I’ve learned to accept that not everyone is going to agree with my political views.

Kennedy 2024 Campaign Pins
Pick your battles and choose your strange bedfellows because it’s an election year!

Free Custom Pin Designs

You must be wondering if we are crazy or just misunderstood. Why on earth would we sit around in our cubicles and design pins all day for free? That’s because enough people actually like our ideas enough to keep us going. There is no obligation to buy our custom pins, and we promise not to break your kneecaps you if you don’t.

Five Star Mafia Baseball Trading Pins

If you don’t like our first free pin design, we offer free revisions at no additional cost.

Shamrock Pins

Do you want us to hallucinate custom pin ideas of a rainbow and a leprechaun who can’t find his pot of gold? Or perhaps you just want a pot of gold? I assure you, we can make it for you but it won’t be made entirely of gold. That’s because custom lapel pins are a type of imitation jewelry.

imitation jewelry with diamonds

Custom Lapel Pins are Imitation Jewelry

500 custom pins only cost about a dollar a piece. Synthetic Gemstones are about $0.30 cents each but they cannot be real gemstones.

Custom Political Pins
Imitation Jewelry allows you the Freedom of Speech. Books are also easier to burn than custom pins are.

The important thing is that you are able to speak your mind with a beautiful political pin that has real gold plating.

Speak Your Mind with Custom Political Pins

If you think about it, you have a beautiful mind and we want the world to hear what you have to say. As a son of the American Revolution, I hold the freedom of speech as a fundamental human right. We treasure your beautiful mind and your ideas more than any gemstone or precious metal. We promise not to lock you away in a mental institution for speaking your mind, unless you really, really want that.

Pride and Freedom Custom Political Pins
Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right

Get a FREE Custom Pin Design!

We also promise not to censor your ideas, no matter how crazy they seem to be… Why not make a pin that tells the world how you feel? We do it all the time and they haven’t managed to lock us away yet. Why keep the voices in your head? Let them out with a FREE Custom Political Lapel Pin design!!

Get started today with your FREE Custom Lapel Pin design by filling out a simple form on our Free Design & Quote page.

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UPDATE: Some readers commented that Joe Biden is ALREADY fighting for us. Thank you so much for your responses! Please keep in mind however, I am only trying to be thought provoking in this blog post and I make no attempt to be politically correct at all.