Rush Pins: Rush Enamel Pins

Rush Pins from Pins Fast offer a fast turnaround for your custom lapel pins. Our full-color Rush Lapel Pins can meet any deadline and are die-cut to any shape or size. We offer a plating of gold or silver, and we can also dye them black. That way, you can receive them on time but with a similar design and appearance of real enamel pins.

Rush Pins - Fast Turnaround Lapel Pins
Examples of Rush Lapel Pins from Pins Fast.

Rush Enamel Pins

Rush Enamel Pins from Pins Fast are the ideal solution when you need enamel Pins Fast. We can produce them in any shape or size and closely match your Pantone® Colors with CMYK colors. These pins have real metal plating of brass or brushed metal.

rush enamel pins
Rush Enamel Pins from Pins Fast look just like the real thing! Can you tell which one is a rush enamel pin?

Rush Enamel Pins with come with a few caveats. Firstly, they can be die-cut but cannot be die-struck because the die-struck process requires heavy machinery. The use of heavy machinery cannot be rushed because we must protect the safety of our workers.

laser cut metal rush lapel pins
Die-Cutting Rush Pins with a laser.

We found a way to die-cut your pins into any shape or size using a laser. The workers wear safety gear approved by OSHA so that working with a laser is safe for them. After the laser cutting process is finished, we print glossy colors in full color to resemble your Pantone® enamel colors closely as possible.

Honesty is the Best Policy

We always strive to be fair and honest in the way we do business. Even Disney® is a repeat customer of our famous Rush Pins. We make a great quality product (that’s made in the USA) and we are always on time.

Die Cut vs Die Struck Pins

custom shaped rush pins
Custom Shaped Rush Pins for AT&T

Our Rush Pins are die-cut with a laser, but they cannot have “raised metal edges” like die-struck / enamel pins do. This is the key difference between Rush Enamel Pins that you can get in a day and Die Struck Enamel Pins that typically require two weeks turnaround.

It is a is a dubious claim if another company says that they can make custom-shaped, Die-Struck Pins with a raised metal surface in a matter of hours. To meet that deadline, it has to be an imitation.

Real Enamel Pins Fast

Were you expecting real die-struck enamel pins in a few days? I cannot mislead you to believe that is possible because it is my nature to educate and inform people. We are sometimes able to deliver real enamel pins in as little as 7 business days, but we cannot promise or guarantee it.

enameling machine
Machines can speed up the enameling process, but not the die-struck process which requires a mold.

Real enamel pins are die-struck with a 10,000 LBS force and they have to be made by hand.

The problem is…

In order to Rush Enamel Pins, we must use a different method of production in order to avoid dangerous heavy machinery. It is inadvisable to use a heavy metal press to make real die-struck enamel pins under duress because fingers are not easily replaced.

heavy metal press for die struck pins
A heavy metal press must be hand-operated

A Smarter Way To Make Pins Fast

If you need pins for an upcoming event and you cannot run the risk of receiving them late, it is better to go with the imitation Rush Enamel Pins. We developed the technology to make pins fast because we have ingenuity and reason.

The best solution is to offer an imitation jewelry product because we are artists who need their fingers. We can use lasers to die-cut a composite material because laser-cutting doesn’t require a mold or heavy machinery.

laser cutting custom lapel pins fast

We can print the enamel colors with UV printers in order to quickly color the pins without having to harden the enamels in a kiln. The UV printers can add a glossy surface to the colors in order to give the appearance of real enamel.

Best yet, it’s completely 100% Made in the USA in a matter of hours!

Rush Enamel Pins Are Proud Imitations

If you make an imitation product as we do, you should be proud of it! Art is in essence an imitation of life, so why be ashamed of it? Take Tofurky as an example, this company makes an imitation turkey meat that some consider to be much better than the real thing.

Rush Pins for Tofurky
Tofurky loves our Rush Enamel Pins!

Hard Enamel Pins Fast

In the pin business, there are several leading cults who spread misinformation through their echo-chambers. One of the most prevalent types of misinformation is that they offer “Cloisonné” pins. That’s not quite right.

Cloisonné is an expensive type of fine jewelry which is hand-made. Cloisonné pins cannot reproduce your exact Pantone® Colors. Simply put: it’s not the modern method of production. Instead, we use something called Hard Enamel.

It would be wrong for me to say that genuine Hard Enamel pins can be rushed but we do have other methods that can mimic hard enamel.

hard enamel pins
The modern version of Cloisonné is called “Hard Enamel“. Hard Enamel turnaround time is at least 10 business days.

Hard enamel pins cannot be rushed but we can achieve a similar effect by using the Photo-dome method. The limitations of this method are that the shape has to already be in stock. A stock metal shape is usually a circle or square, but we also have rectangular shapes.

Photo-dome Pins are created with a label and an epoxy dome.

To create this effect with metal showing through alpha channels, a clear label is used. We can print to the clear label using a UV printer and then add an epoxy dome. Then we apply each label to the blank square or round shape to produce an effect which is similar to hard enamel. We can produce metal pins fast as 48 hours using this his method because it doesn’t require a mold.

Search for truth

Individuals have the freedom to publish or say anything online, but with that freedom comes the responsibility to our customers to be honest and do good business. If you lie to your customers, it eventually comes back to you.

When we are selling Rush Lapel Pins, we have to be careful about what we call the pins because our customers can become confused and develop unrealistic expectations. The truth is probably what you already know, we have to make compromises in order to make pins fast because the more traditional types of custom die-struck / enamel pins cannot be rushed. We always include a disclaimer with our rush pins at checkout in order to ensure that our customers have realistic expectations.

Rush Pins Fast

Rush Trading Pins from Pins Fast (24 hour turnaround)

It is important to note that thousands of our customers love our custom pins and order again and again. Since 2011, we have produced Rush Lapel Pins and Rush Trading Pins for people all over the world, including Thailand and the UK. While it may be slightly different than the Die-Struck Enamel Pins you are used to, it will always be on time and allows you to speak from the heart with wearable art!

Rush Softball Pins from Pins Fast (24 hour turnaroud)

We chose the path of truth, to serve our customer in the best way that we possibly can. We do this for the children who need Trading Pins Fast, and larger companies notice us. Pins Fast is an honest business and are upfront about every product we sell online. It pays to be honest in the long run because the truth bubbles to the surface eventually.