The Rush Pins Difference

Rush pins are a new type of custom pins offered by These custom pins are Made in the U.S.A. with a much faster turnaround time than any other pin type. offers the unique ability to make Rush Pins into any custom shape instead of fitting your art into a plain shape.

quality rush pins

The Difference Between Rush Pins and Other Custom Pins

Many customers ask us, what is the difference between our Rush Pins and other types of custom pins?

Know The Difference

The difference can be clearly seen in the infographic below. While Rush Pins can appear very similar to other types of pins, there are some key differences. It is important to know the differences before you buy.

rush pins difference
There are some key differences between regular pins and rush pins.

Metal Plating Types

Our Rush Pins have a thin metal surface which can be visible in areas where there is no printing. This metal surface can be brushed brass or brushed silver.The brushed surface allows for a more traditional metal surface.

rush pins with a brass metal microsurface
The Rush Pins here have a brass metal surface which is visible from the front.

Layered Material

In order to quickly print and shape pins in the U.S.A., we found a special material with layers of metal and plastic. It’s metal on the surface, but plastic underneath.

pins with an important message
For many people, the message is more important than the material

Thin Metal Microsurface

Rush Pins are mostly composed of a metallic colored plastic material in order to quickly cut your pins into any shape with a laser. This high-grade “microsurface” material is also UV printable. The metal surface is treated with a clear varnish so that we can print onto it. The print has a strong adhesion and doesn’t flake off.

metal microsurface material
The infographic above shows the layered material used for Rush Pins

Areas with no printing are called “Alpha Channels”, where the substrate (metal microsurface) is visible. The metallic colored acrylic plastic material is not visible from the front because it is underneath the metal microsurface and print.

Textured Surfaces

Rush Pins cannot have raised metal surfaces like Soft Enamel Pins, but we can raise the printed surface instead. This allows your Rush Pins to have a slightly textured surface. Many people cannot tell the difference between them.

From a distance, not many people can tell the difference between enamel pins and rush pins.

Military Grade Attachment

Unlike other companies, offers an attachment that cannot be easily removed. We chemically weld the attachment in place so that it can endure extreme force and stay in place. This, along with better quality material makes our Rush Pins extremely durable.

durable rush pins fast military grade attachment
The pin back is welded in place and doesn’t fall off. In this demonstration, we hit it with a hammer but it stays in one piece.

Making Pins Faster

For over a decade, people have come to in order to purchase custom-made pins that can be manufactured and delivered within hours instead of weeks. We know that if the pins arrive late, they cannot be used for your event or purpose. That’s why we make our Rush Pins right here in the U.S.A. so that your pins can always arrive on time. Even if you need pins by tomorrow, we still may be able to help because we can make Rush Pins in less than 24 hours! Just give us a call at 1-877-633-7446 and fill out our free design and quote form!

Get Trading Pins FASTER

We love to promote youth ball-sports with our rush pins. If you are late to order your trading pins this year you are not alone!

rush trading pins for softball
We make Rush Trading Pins too!

Thankfully, can still help with Rush Trading Pins and we can still keep your current free pin design for a rush order.

Custom Pins Made in 24 Hours or Less!

We see that there is very high demand for a faster turnaround and so we do what is necessary to deliver on time. With custom Rush Pins from, you won’t need to worry about pins that arrive late for your event. In addition, you can still have the same custom shapes along with the same metal plating that our traditional pins have.

Fast FREE Pin Design UPFRONT!

We even offer a fast turnaround for a free pin design and quote! Our turnaround time for a free pin design is typically less than 1 hour, much faster than our competitors. We offer fast, free pin designs BEFORE your order, so you can be sure to get what you want.

To get started, just visit our free design and quote page today.