3-D Spin Casted Pins

When the Jefferson Barracks Heritage Foundation needed lapel pins to match its bronze eagle crest, they contacted Pins Fast. They knew that we do more than just making pins fast. We also sculpt high quality lapel pins for museums and produce quality military medals, patches and coins. We are proud of our American heritage and thankful for our many blessings. It was a pleasure to fulfill our duty as graphic designers in the design and production of these custom American eagle lapel pins.

3-D Spin-Casting Eagle Pins
3-D Spin-Cast Eagle Lapel Pin

3-D Spin Casted Eagle Lapel Pins

To make these pins 3-D, we needed to use a method that is different from die-striking. 3-D spin casting is the method of production necessary when pins need a very three-dimensional appearance. Spin casting is the process of spinning a molten metal into a mold. The process was actually shown on the popular discovery science channel show, “How It’s Made“.

When you see the elaborate process required to manufacture 3-D eagle lapel pins you can begin to appreciate their incredible value. That is only part of the story however, designing the 3-D lapel pins is the other part of the story – presented here:

3-D spin-casting Pins with Topography illustration
3-D spin-casting Pins with Topographic illustration

First, The graphic designer uses an image from the customer’s website as a template. The artist traces over this image as closely as possible. Then, the graphic designer painstakingly draws the areas of topography in order to describe the ups and downs of the 3-d image. This process can take several hours for a highly detailed 3-D lapel pin. The finished topography will guide the sculptor who creates the mold by hand.

After the graphic designer creates the topography of the eagle lapel pins the Pantone colors are specified. Sunken or recessed areas in the design are specified and given a Pantone color. Color filling is also done by hand, and so in this case it also helps to have a guide created by the graphic designer.

Antiqued Metal Finishes

After the eagle lapel pins are 3-d spin casted – they are plated with bronze metal. The bronze is “antiqued” in order to give an oxidation effect. The antique effect is achieved by using a dark die to stain the bronze metal. The stain is then brushed away but remains inside the deeper grooves and recessed areas of the pin. These darker areas help to define the image and give it more character and emphasis.

If you would like us to create custom american eagle pins, patriotic coins, patches or even medals – give Pins Fast a try today with a free pin design and quote.