Acrylic Pins

Acrylic Pins are trendy and practical for many reasons. They are produced from a durable acrylic material in any color and may feature a metal surface if desired. They also offer greater versatility because they are printed in high resolution and feature textured surfaces.

Acrylic Pins

A New Art Form!

Acrylic Pins offer a new artistic medium of expression. Because they are new, many designers have never heard of them. Despite the lack of appreciation for this new medium, Acrylic Pins are here to stay because they are so practical and affordable!

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Advantages of Acrylic Pins

There are several key advantages for using Acrylic Pins:

No Mold Required

Cheaper when compared to other types of custom pins because they do not require a mold or die for mass production.

Complex Shapes

Features complex shapes without the use of a die or mold. A design may have any custom shape with multiple cutouts inside of the shape. There should be a circular area with 11mm diameter on the back because there needs to be enough room for the attachment.

Lower Cost for Low Quantity Orders

Acrylic Pins make low quantity orders cost effective because they do not require additional setup fees for a mold or die.

Quick Production Time

Graphic designers and event planners need a way to communicate a message clearly with a quick turnaround. These pins offer a faster turnaround in an unpredictable world where it is difficult to plan for events. The production time for 1000 quantity can be in as little as 2 hours.

Textured Surfaces

Acrylic pins can really stand out because they feature unique textured surfaces. Graphic designers may now design pins in three dimensions by designating an area for the embossed surface within their file. This special feature is offered exclusively with Pins Fast.

Acrylic Border

All Acrylic Pins must have a 1 mm border around the edge with no print in order to protect the printed area from the cut. This border area shows the beauty of the acrylic material.

The printed area should be isolated from the cut line to protect it from the cutting.

Pins Fast Acrylic Pins

Pins Fast offers a higher quality of Acrylic Pins than other brands. Here are some key advantages:

  • Welded pin-back attachment doesn’t fall off
  • Printed onto the front in high resolution
  • Finished with a glossy coating to protect the printed surface
  • Features optional 3-D textures
  • Opaque and translucent acrylics are available
  • Several colors of acrylic are available for production, including neon colors
  • Metal plating options of brass or silver are available

Acrylic Materials

We can manufacture them from an exciting new list of acrylic materials:

  • Brushed metal surface of brass or silver
  • White Acrylic
  • Black, Shiny Acrylic
  • Colored Acrylic (Red, Blue, Green, Orange, etc.)
  • Semi-Translucent Acrylic (Vibrant and Trendy)
  • Neon colors available that glow under a black-light
  • Glow in the dark material (call for availability)

With so much versatility, customers have a more options to produce custom pins than ever before. Acrylic Pins are more practical for events because of faster production methods. Pins Fast uses them to meet the demand for Rush Lapel Pins around the world because of versatility, practicality and durability.