Acrylic Pins

Acrylic Pins are made from a type of plastic which can have an infinite variety of effects and colors. These pins are an emerging trend because they are more practical for tight deadlines.

While some traditionalists may dismiss them, Acrylic Pins are more versatile than any other type of custom pins and even offer a higher resolution at 1440 dpi.

Advantages of Acrylic Pins

acrylic pins
1 Inch Sized Acrylic pins with metal surface. Made in 24 hours.

There are key advantages to using acrylic pins. In today’s economy, graphic designers will need a way to communicate a message clearly with a quick turnaround.

No Mold Required

Acrylic pins are cheaper at low quantities when compared other types of custom pins because they do not require a mold or die for mass production. Since a mold or die does not need to be made beforehand, production can start immediately.

Acrylic Pins With Complex Shapes

Acrylic Pins can have very complex shapes without the use of a die or mold.

rush acrylic pins with complex shapes
Acrylic Pins are rush pins with complex shapes that can be made in 24 hours.

Lower Cost for Low Quantity Orders

Customers who need small quantity orders will find acrylic pins affordable. Quantities as low as 10 can be cost effective if the customer supplies print-ready artwork.

Quick Production Time

The printing time for 100 Acrylic Pins can take about 15 minutes. Shaping the pins can take another 20 minutes, depending on the complexity. Our automated assembly line adds the pin backs in about 5 minutes. Bagging and shipping the pins can take another 10 minutes, so 100 Acrylic Pins can be completed by Pins Fast in only one hour.

Textured Surfaces

Acrylic Pins from Pins Fast can feature unique textured surfaces. Graphic designers may find it especially exciting to design pins with a three dimensional aspect.

A New Art Form

Acrylic pins offer a new artistic medium of expression. Because Acrylic Pins are new, there are many designers who have never heard of it. We can manufacture Acrylic Pins from an exciting list of acrylic materials:

  • Clear with Brushed Metal Surface (faux metal)
  • Semi-Translucent Acrylic (Vibrant and Trendy)

With so many options available, acrylic pins give customers a more versatile way to communicate their message in a custom pin. Efficient and modern production methods make Acrylic Pins more practical for events. It’s no wonder Pins Fast uses them to meet the demand for Rush Lapel Pins around the world.