Die Struck Lapel Pins

Die struck lapel pins from Pins Fast

Die struck lapel pins are made of quality metal. Instead of using colors to fill the design, the impression of your design is struck into the metal to create recessed areas and raised edges similar to a coin. The raised edges are hand-polished and the recessed areas can have a textured, matte or antiqued finish.

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Die Struck Lapel Pins Metal Options

Die struck lapel pins can be hand-crafted in one of the following metals/finishes:

  • Black metal plating
  • Silver nickel plating
  • Gold metal plating
  • Bronze metal
  • Copper metal
  • Black nickel plating

How To Get Die Struck Lapel Pins

Simply contact one of our professional designers with your design ideas. Don't have a design in mind? No problem, we will provide a free die struck lapel pin design.

Similar to Die Struck

There are other types of production methods that are similar to die struck. They can also be antique plated for that classic look. There are some important differences though.

3-D Spin Casted

3-D Spin-Casted

3-D spin casted pins.

3-D Spin casted lapel pins and medals are not die struck with a metal die. These pins can have rounded, 3-D shapes which must be casted in a mold. Our talented artists will hand sculpt a mold that is used to cast a 3-d image in metal. Bronze can be used but zinc alloy is lighter and cheaper. If you need bronze the zinc alloy can be plated with bronze metal plating. The image shown uses zinc alloy with antique bronze metal plating.

Challenge Coins

Die Struck Coin

Need custom medals or challenge coins? The die struck method is used to make these types of custom promotions as well. We can make any type of custom metal design using the die struck method, including belt buckles, key chains and fine jewelry. We also provide precious metals such as sterling silver (not plated) gold filled and pure 10k and 14k gold die struck lapel pins. We can inset your choice of gemstones and provide custom engraving on each lapel pin or medal, just call and we will work on a custom quote with no obligation to buy.