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Hard Enamel Pins

Custom hard enamel pins have a smooth, polished surface that is ideal for formal dress. These pins will promote your business or organization because they have the elegant look of fine jewelry. They offer such an incredible way to showcase your brand because they use your unique spot colors.

hard enamel lapel pins for an organization with silver plating

Silver Plating is a great way to give emphasis to the vibrant enamel spot colors in your design.

hard enamel lapel pins with gold plating for a political coalition

Gold Plated gives hard enamel the appearance of fine jewelry while allowing the use of exact Pantone colors.

hard enamel lapel pins with silver plating for political use

Hard Enamel Pins have a smooth, polished surface giving the effect of inlaid jewelry.

Free hard enamel pin design before purchase

Upload your logo, drawing or photo and we will design a unique hard enamel pin based on your idea. Our designers know the limitations and tolerances in order to make a free pin design that’s ready for production. Within minutes, we will email you the free art along with a link to order!

Hard Enamel Pin Design

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Free shipping in the USA

Our Custom Hard Enamel Pins come with free air shipping. Rush orders are also available at checkout.

Get free artwork

Our expert pin designers offer a free pin design and quote before you order, so you can order pins you will love.

Durable, high quality pins

Our Hard Enamel Pins are very durable and each comes with a military grade attachment.

Custom Hard Enamel Pins

Each custom pin is hand-made to order with quality in mind. Order as little as 50 pins, or save money when you order custom hard enamel pins in higher quantities. With free art before purchase, guaranteed turnaround times and free shipping, let Pins Fast be your favorite place to get custom pins!

custom hard enamel pins

The Modern Cloisonné Pin

Hard Enamel Pins are the modern version of Cloisonné pins made by artisans and craftspeople since ancient times. The modern version is more appropriate for branding purposes because the enamel colors can use your Pantone® Colors. Many brands and designers use Pantone® colors in order to follow their corporate identity guidelines. Ancient Cloissoné cannot closely match your Pantone® colors because it is made from pigmented sand. These modern pins solve the problem because they use a liquid enamel with consistent color that is hardened in a kiln.

Hard Enamel Pin Prices

Hard Enamel Pin Prices are up to 20% cheaper from Pins Fast because we turn our factory savings into cost savings for you. Our pins offer a greater value because we pay more attention to details that other companies overlook. Our sales team is available to answer any questions because we have over 15 years of experience. The best part is, we offer a free design and quote in order to make the decision process easier for you.

Hard Enamel Pins Have A Smooth, Polished Surface

Hard Enamel Pins have a smooth, polished surface that is similar to inlaid jewelry but without the price tag. The smooth surface is achieved because the hard enamel doesn’t evaporate when firing in the kiln. The enamel is hardened into a smooth surface in order to keep the metal from rising above it. After firing, the pins are polished to a shine so that they have the appearance of fine, custom jewelry. Inlaid jewelry that was once reserved for royalty can be yours for much less because of this modern technology.

Expert Custom Pin Design

Hard Enamel Pin Designs should be simplified to a degree because they are more difficult to color than Soft Enamel Pins. The material used is thicker in order to produce the classic effect of inlaid jewelry. Our designers are trained in order to know the exact tolerances which can be produced with this type of enamel. Overall, it is a best practice in design to “keep it simple”, because small details can be too complex on a tiny pin. You need an elegant pin with vibrant enamel colors in order to make a bold impression. Our designers can provide a free lapel pin design in order to simplify your message for greater impact. It cannot hurt to give us a try because we offer a free design and quote without any obligation to buy!

Attachment Options

These Pins can be attached to your clothing in a variety of ways so that you can always wear them. The most affordable way is with a butterfly clutch because we provide it at no additional cost. Another popular option that we offer is a magnetic clutch because it doesn’t penetrate the clothing. Many customers prefer magnetic clutches in order to protect rented tuxedos or other clothing from damage.

butterfly clutch

Butterfly Clutch

Our butterfly clutch or “military clutch” provides you with a military-grade attachment at no additional cost.

rubber clutch

Rubber Clutch

Rubber clutches are popular for hat pins and trendy promotional pins because they feel soft against the skin.

magnetic clutch

Magnetic Clutch

Magnetic Pins can secure the pin to your clothing without poking through the fabric. Ideal for tuxedos and formal attire.

Special Packaging Options

Make a first impression with special packaging options for your custom gift because the presentation is so important. We offer a wide variety of special packaging options in order to give the right presentation for your award.

acrylic cases for pin presentations

Acrylic Display Cases

Acrylic Display Cases are very practical because they both protect your pins and display them.

$0.25 each

velvet bags for pin presentations

Velvet Bags

Velvet Bags offer a smooth way to present your gift or award in order to make a classy presentation.

$0.55 each

jewelry boxes for pin presentations

Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry Boxes give you a show-stopping way to present your pins because give strong emphasis.

$2.25 each

Pins Fast is a favorite among many shoppers because we provide you with premium customer service. Tracking numbers and status updates are provided in order to keep you informed about your order. We don’t just want customers, we want repeat customers because that is the way to stay in business. Making custom pins is the ultimate form of expression because it helps us to speak from the heart. We always love to see custom pin designs come to life because we are artists who enjoy creation.

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